Saturday , April 13 2024
Dr. Devlin is connected to Jerry Jax. The TMK is still on the loose.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Dr. Devlin’s Secrets

Sonny wasn’t the only one surprised to see the new Zacharra was a woman, but he was probably the only mobster to have already slept with her. He seemed to enjoy the cat-and-mouse game she was playing with the other heads of the families and Claudia did a pretty good job of showing her strength, making it clear she was going to be a major player in the crime game.

I can’t deny the chemistry between Sonny and Claudia was off the charts, but you have to remember Maurice Benard worked opposite of Sarah Brown back when she portrayed Carly. This is old ground they’re covering, and they are doing it well. How fun would it be if we could get this kind of heat outside of a mob story? Like most candles that burn this bright, they usually go out and fast and I’m hoping Sonny gets Claudia out of his system and heads back to Kate soon. He may have heat with Claudia, but it’s Kate that gives him stability and love.

With the repairs done to her house, Liz was able to finally take her kids home. It wasn’t long before Nikolas dropped by for a visit and soon they were discussing Sam’s accident. When Nikolas feared he had hit his cousin during a black-out, it took all Liz had to not vocalize her fears that she had been the one to run the woman down. With so much focus being put on Liz, I have a feeling she’s going to end up innocent, though I do think it would be sweet poetic justice for her to be guilty.

Unfortunately, I fear a bigger plan is at work here. It might be yet one more step toward elimination for the Quartermaine family, and end up being Monica who was behind the wheel. Unlike her son who kills people for a living, she will probably end up doing jail time.

Sam was attacked again, by what looked like the TMK, in her hospital room. He cut off her air supply for a brief time and then said it wouldn’t be any fun if she couldn’t fight back. Shortly after he fled, Dr. Devlin showed up and then went to try and find the attacker. When he returned to find Jerry at her bedside, he left before he could be noticed.

So is there anyone out there who hasn’t figured out that the dashing doctor is the ‘faceless’ bad guy giving Jerry orders? Why are they still not showing us what we already know? Like every other bad guy in town, Dr. Devlin wants those piers that Skye has already given to Ric, that is if he ever signs the deed.

One last question: what ever happened to grandpa Mike catching Michael with the bullets? He was in the process of calling Sonny at the end of Friday’s episode and today we saw nothing about it. Not the best way to handle your major sweeps story, if you ask me.

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