Sunday , March 3 2024
Sam comes to and insists to Lucky the TMK was not Cooper.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sam Regains Consciousness

When Sam regained consciousness, Liz was standing over her bed questioning aloud whether Sam had been the one to run her down when she fell asleep behind the wheel. Sam wanted no part of Liz in her room and who could blame her after their recent fights. She tossed her out, asking several times to see Lucky.

When Lucky showed up he seemed reluctant to believe it had been the text-message killer who had driven her into the middle of the road and in the line of the car. When he asked to see her phone for proof of the texts, she said it was lost. She seemed put off by his disbelief in her, though she really shouldn't have been. Any rational person would have to admit the lies she had told had made trusting in her a hard thing. Lucky held back too, not telling her he believed Jason to be a suspect in her accident.

Still obviously torn up about his break up with Kate, Sonny tried to focus on family and business. First he sent Max to get Michael and lectured the boy about trying to get the gun from his desk drawer. When he asked his son to promise he would stay away from guns, Michael's reply was that he would when he was sure his mom and brother were safe from the text-message killer. Sonny tried to assure him that he and Jason had things under control, but Michael pointed out that under their guard Leticia and Emily ended up dead.

Later, Sonny tried to talk business with Jason, but his hitman was called away when Liz asked him to meet her at the safe house. There is no doubt in my mind Michael is off to buy bullets for his gun. After that exactly what is going to happen is still shrouded in mystery, but rest assured it will be horrible and it is coming.

At the Zacchara house, Claudia continued to kick Trevor around and assert her authority, demanding he arrange a meeting with the five families. When she later tried to reach out to Johnny, he unloaded his anger with his sister for abandoning him, even though she insisted she didn't leave by choice, but was forced out by Anthony and Trevor.

When Claudia gets her meeting, most likely on Friday's show, I'm sure she will be surprised to find Sonny was her recent romantic distraction, but probably not nearly as surprised as Sonny will be.

While sharing a tender moment, Logan let his hormones get the best of him and tried persuade Lulu to rekindle their physical relationship, not letting up when she tried to push him away. She screamed, yelled, and pushed him away and eventually he seemed to come back to his senses. After she fled the situation, Scott who had dropped by to see Lucky, cautioned his son about letting his emotions take him somewhere dangerous.

I was a little surprised to not see more of a moral outrage from Scott. Granted, he doesn't have much in the way of morals, but it seemed the guys took a position of Lulu being over sensitive because of her mother's situation instead of anyone telling Logan he was disgustingly wrong.

As Luke tried to work out a plan for Tracy and himself, she sorrowfully, but in no uncertain terms, told him their marriage was over. I guess we will now find out what exactly Tracy means to Luke. Will he fight to regain her love and trust, or will he just let it roll off his back and move on? Tune in today to find out.

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