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We may not know who the TMK is, but we do who it's not.

Making The Rounds at General Hospital – Who’s Not the TMK?

Today's column covers episodes from Tuesday 2/5 and Wednesday 2/6.

We learned some key facts in Tuesday's episode about who is not the text-message killer. While the man in black was laid out on the side of the road with Sam, we saw Johnny trying to push Lulu away and Jerry spying on Spinelli and Maxie. That rules them out as suspects. Later, Logan surfaced and was bruised and battered. What was his excuse to Lulu? He said he was in a bar fight, but add his crumpled form to the fact Spinelli found his dog-tags in Cooper's room and Logan sure is looking guilty — almost too guilty.

There's still that creepy Daniel on the suspect list and I've heard almost every male cast member's name offered up at one time or another. I still think a key clue is the black and white ball. Since that is where Emily was murdered, and the island was sealed off because of the storm, the killer was at that party. If when the mystery is solved it isn't someone who was there, I will feel very cheated.

The other big mystery is who ran down Sam. Monica and Liz look like the most likely suspects at this time and both would prove to be interesting stories. Liz and Sam have been at each other since Sam learned Jason was Jake's father. If she was the one to hit her, it would be a sweet karmic victory for Sam. Liz could serve jail time and would be separated from Jason and the kids. On the other hand, Monica, the cardiac surgeon who has turned to drinking after a year of one traumatic loss after the other would also make for an interesting culprit. If her drinking and driving caused her to hit the one-time girlfriend of the son she's disowned, it may be a catalyst to bring what little bit that's left of her family together.

Lucky is feeling guilty about turning a cold shoulder to Sam and is second guessing that Cooper was the TMK. You mean to tell me for once the PCPD and Officer Spencer are going to get one right? Don't get your hopes up too high, it's not over yet. If guilt does allow Lucky to help Sam recover from the accident, it may be just the thing to help these two build a new relationship from the ground up.

Johnny is glad to have his big sis back in town, but Trevor isn't happy his plan is blowing up in his face. Claudia is bitter about something Trevor's done, and I have a feeling destroying him is on her list of things to do. Meanwhile, Luke wasn't too happy to see Logan back in Lulu's good graces, and wasn't impressed by Logan's declaration of love for his daughter. Lulu on the other hand, seemed very touched.

As we all knew he would be, Jax was absolutely thrilled to learn that Carly was carrying his child. I could understand her wanting to wait to tell the boys; she has a history of miscarriage, but when she said to Jax "nothing is going to take this away from us," I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Michael has that gun, and surely no good is going to come of it. I only hope, after Jax's terribly long journey to have a child of his own, it isn't ripped from him by gun violence.


Actress Shell Kepler, who played nurse Amy Vining from 1979 until 2002 died this past Friday. The Dallas News reports the cause of death as renal failure. She was 49 years old.

In the You Tube clip below she is seen with another famous alumni of the soap opera, John Stamos. Stamos played the troubled Blackie Parrish, a foster brother to Kepler's character.

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