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Trevor's plans for Claudia are about to backfire. Just how long is Sam going to be left on the side of the road?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – A New Zacchara is in Town

As Sam's bruised and battered body laid on the side of the road in the snow, our four suspects all were upset about the accidents they had. With all that crashing into things being done on the docks, I'm surprised two of the four suspects in Sam's hit-and-run didn't collide into each other.

That's right, I said four. To throw just a bit more fun into the mix, Nicholas stood in front of that house where Jax and Kate had their heart-to-heart and Sam couldn't get anyone to help her escape the TMK and told his vision of Emily he thought he saw her standing in the middle of the road. Later, back at the hospital he questioned whether it was a hallucination or if he had in fact hit something or someone.

Of the three we witnessed on Friday, Monica seemed the most upset on Monday. After changing into scrubs in the doctor's lounge and throwing the clothes she was wearing into a garbage bag with her flask, she called the police and reported her car stolen. In second place was Carly who sat in the car repeating, "We're going to be alright" over and over. Yes, we, as in she must be pregnant. Can someone tell me why then was she crying before she hit whatever she hit? It didn't look like a "I'm so happy" kind of crying to me.

Liz, however, showed up at the safe house, upset that she had fallen asleep at the wheel. She guessed it was the vibrations from hitting the side of the road that jarred her awake. How wonderfully ironic it would be if Liz were the one to have hit Sam. It would be pretty hard for her to say it was an accident given how much she verbalized and displayed her hatred for the other woman. How long will it take to unravel the mystery of who ran down Sam? I'm guessing the same duration as February sweeps. Maybe the bigger question is how long will it take to find Sam lying on the side of the road?

At the hospital, Dr. Ian seemed overly interested in Nikolas's case, asking questions about his symptoms and suggesting treatment. He seemed surprised that the Prince hadn't reported having any hallucinations and Nadine remained quiet about the fact the she knew he did. Since the good doctor has ties to Jerry Jacks, I wonder if he has an intimate knowledge of the poison Jerry used on Nikolas and its side effects.

Claudia made an appearance at the mental hospital to visit her whacked out Dad. Both he and Trevor were taken aback by the woman she's become. No more the mousy teenager Anthony sent away, she made sure both men knew she would kill whoever got in her way or hurt Johnny. Too bad she wasn't with Johnny at the time, because Sonny had tracked him down on the docks and was holding him at gunpoint. He was messed up enough to actually pull the trigger, too. Good thing Lulu showed up and yelled at him to stop. Although the credits began to roll before we got a reaction, I really doubt Sonny will eliminate Johnny with Lulu as a witness. He's not that out of his mind.

What had Sonny so upset? His encounter with Kate at Jax and Carly's, of course. Finding her dressed only in a robe, he was surprised to learn she had opened up about her past to Jax, but unwilling to accept they had a future. Later, when Carly returned home, shaken from her accident and also with what we can gather is the good news of a pregnancy, she was infuriated to find Kate. When she settled down, Jax noticed the band-aid on her forehead and asked what had happened. We'll have to wait for Tuesday's episode to hear her rendition. With Carly's history, I would be surprised if she is completely honest about it.

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