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Lucky and Kate had some truths to face, while Patrick avoided one.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Cold Hard Truth

Jax came home to an ecstatic Carly who had been researching fertility and taking her temperature. Pleased as punch he had timed his return with her ovulating, she all but jumped him. It was probably a whole lot easier for Laura Wright to do those scenes with Ingo; I know I sure was happy to see a familiar face bearing the little fertility god in his pocket and an insane story to go along with it to try and take their minds off the goal and put them in the right mood for the process. Over the years Jax has had many a heartache in his attempts to become a father and I’m really hoping things move in the right direction for him rather quickly. He’s long overdue to hold his own child in his arms.

Is that something Patrick will never know? Robin seemed completely cool with allowing him to believe her pregnancy was a result of a trip to the sperm bank. The doctor’s daddy-fears allowed him to put a mental block on their one-night-romp not all that long ago, but you could tell the knowledge that Robin was truly moving on and forward with her attempts to be a mother hurt him. I’m hoping Patrick gets a moment of clarity soon, or Robin gets a guilty conscience and spills the truth. Maybe then we’ll get an idea of what really lies beneath Patrick’s fear of becoming a father.

Lucky pressured Liz to tell him what she was arguing about with Sam. To her credit, Liz tried to avoid getting involved and told him it was a conversation he should be having with Sam, but as he continued to force the issue, she came clean, filling his ear with Sam’s bad deeds and breaking his heart in the process. Meanwhile, while confiding in Alexis, Sam took her mom’s advice and headed over to Lucky’s to bare her soul. Too little, too late, I imagine. We’ll find out if it’s something he’s willing to forgive, when we tune in to watch Thursday’s show.

Kate also showed up on Alexis’ doorstep, looking for advice about her relationship with Sonny. Before too long Diane also arrived and the three power-women of GH sipped their drinks and dished men with a refreshing spin for a daytime soap. I’m so happy to see a friendship being built between these three, instead of them being on the fringes of storylines and used as window dressing.

Kate took the advice offered and went to Sonny’s hoping she could repair their relationship. Sonny, still heartbroken over her refusal to marry him, lashed out at her defensively and insulted her, cutting her deeply, before telling her to go back to Manhattan and leave him alone.

Sonny’s obviously spinning out of control, as Kate wasn’t the only one he lashed out at. He also tore into Jason, furious that Johnny Z. was still walking around and not six feet under or lying next to Alcazar at the bottom of the harbor. Hopefully he took heed of Jason’s advice and will make an effort to reach out to his son, before the Internet rumors come to pass and something “tragic” happens involving the gun his son now has in his possession.

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