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Despite what the PCPD believes, the TMK is sill on the loose. Dr. Ian wastes no time turning up the heat at the hospital.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Begging and Pleading

As the police formally close the book on the text-message killer case, informing the press it was Cooper Barrett, the young cadet who they believe hung himself from the stress, Maxie begged Spinelli to help her find the real killer. He was already aware of Jason's suspicions that Cooper was innocent, but was reluctant to help until Maxie took him to Georgie's bedroom and reminded him how much Georgie loved him. Maxie and Spinelli are quite the unlikely pair, and I don't expect we'll ever see sparks fly between these two, but watching them work together toward a common goal should be entertaining, to say the least.

We were directed to believe there are three TMK prime suspects by the writers and producers: Daniel (the little seen busboy at Kelly's), Logan, and Jerry. Personally, I can't be happy with any of these resolutions. Jerry has become the ultimate bad boy doing whatever he wants with little consequence. Why go through this whole drawn out serial killer mystery to pin it on Jerry and have him wickedly get himself off the hook? To me, Daniel is someone they've created halfway through the mystery, just because the replacement writers have no idea how to end this story; it's a cop out. And Logan? He probably has the strongest connection and motive for just about all the victims (minus Georgie). He even has a reason to off Cooper, but it goes against this soft heart they've worked so hard to give him. Making Logan the TMK, in my mind, would only be a device to clear the road for Lulu to be with Johnny.

Sam went to Liz's hospital room and asked if the two of them could reach some sort of truce. She admitted to starting things up with Lucky for the wrong reason but revealed that she had fallen in love with him and felt the two had a real chance at happiness. Now, I can't really blame Liz for her anger. Sam did some despicable things (watching but not stopping Jake's kidnapping, hiring the men to harass Liz in the park) but she also helped to save Jake the night of the fire. I've never been a huge Sam fan, but I think, as of late, she's been finding some humanity and maybe deserves a chance to prove herself. Instead, since Lucky overheard bits of the conversation and confronted Liz, she will tell him the whole ugly truth and he will no doubt drop her from his life. Somehow after a year and a half of lying to her husband, Liz's need for honesty comes off completely self-serving and seems to be rooted in jealousy.

Angry over the malpractice claim, Monica evicted Tracy from her house, with a full blessing from Edward. The two again brought up their correct suspicion that Tracy altered Alan's will and Monica went so far as to say cutting Emily out of the will contributed to her being killed by the TMK. Yeah, a stretch, I know, but remember she's been chugging vodka like it's water lately. It appears Monica and Edward are ready to actually do something about the forged will, as Tracy learned when she tried to check into the Metro Court that her accounts had all been frozen.

The new and devastatingly handsome Dr. Ian Devlin is stirring things up at the hospital and making Dr. Drake Jr. look like leftover meat loaf. Taking notice of how his old med school buddy is irritating Patrick, Leyla agreed to having lunch with Ian, hoping to spark some jealousy. I'm not sure if it's because he's turning green with envy or not, but Patrick did take out some frustrations on Robin, accusing her being obsessive about everything in her life she can't control, including having a baby. When he told her to go out and get pregnant or shut up about it, she informed the doctor she was already pregnant. Yeah, you got to love the look of surprise that came across his face. We're going to have to tune in Wednesday to see if the handsome doctor can count the days since they were together, or if he's going to be willing to accept Robin's claim of a test tube daddy.

A Look Ahead

Warning, contains spoilers!

Jax is back from the hotel in Hawaii, and thank heavens he looks like Ingo Rademacher. Previews have Carly hinting around that she might be pregnant, too. Rumors are still flying about tragedy striking in connections to the gun Michael just bought, so I'm guessing any happiness will be short-lived, or at the very least tempered with bad news.

On Thursday, Tony Geary returns from his latest mini-vacation. But will Tracy, Lulu, and Lucky welcome Luke with open arms?

The biggest news of the upcoming sweeps season is the return of Sara Brown. She's not stepping into her original role of Carly, but will taking on the new character of Johnny's older sister Claudia. She's set to breeze into town on Thursday and immediately turn up the temperature… with Sonny of course.

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