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With Cooper dead, is the text-message killer case closed?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Case Closed?

When Maxie found Cooper hanging from the rafters, she let out a shrill scream. Jason had just walked in the diner and flew up the stairs, while Logan, Lulu, and Mike stood dumbfounded. Another case of Superman Jason saving the day, I thought, but apparently Cooper had called him and asked him over just moments before he died. Jason confided in Spinelli he didn't believe it was a suicide. On the other hand, the police found the stolen DNA report and matched Coop's boots to tracks found at the scene of Georgie's murder. Case closed, they decided. Cooper was the TMK and killed himself because he was close to being caught.

There's a flaw in this theory. Cooper wasn't even on their radar. They were too focused on Johnny to even look at anyone else. I agree with Jason — if he truly committed suicide he wouldn't have called Jason just before. The window to the room was open, obviously a means of escape for the person who hung him up. Logan was playing his cards awfully close to his vest and acting extremely suspicious but it all just seems too neat and clean for a soap storyline.

I understand Liz was upset to find Sam babysitting Jake, but I really thought she went over the line with her threats to tell Lucky the whole truth. Maybe if you'd have told Lucky the truth eighteen months ago, you wouldn't be in this boat now, Liz. You can't keep both Lucky and Jason. You let Lucky go, move on. Yes, Sam's far from an angel in this, but I do see a change in her. I don't think she's trying to manipulate Lucky anymore; she just wants some peace and happiness in her life. My advice to her, however, is come clean quick before Liz outs her.

Kate told Sonny she couldn't marry him because she didn't believe he was in love with her. She thinks it's the girl she used to be, Connie, that he is clinging to and that he won't accept the woman she's become. Sonny argued that Kate Howard is just a persona she uses to keep her humanity buried deep within her. Kate wanted to work on the relationship; Sonny's stubborn and said he's done. My question is what's going to happen to draw these two back together? Could it possibly be Michael's bad behavior?

Michael got his gun from the street thugs, but found out bullets for it are going to cost him $10 a piece. Who is he going to steal the money from to get the bullets? Nothing good can come from a teenage boy and a gun, especially since we're only two days away from the start of February sweeps.

So, Tracy's slapped Monica with a malpractice suit. How is Monica going to fight back? First thing she needs to do is dump the vodka out of that water bottle she's been sipping from non-stop.

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