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Suicide or murder?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Text Message Killer or Victim?

The writers sure went to a lot of trouble to make Cooper look like the text-message killer, especially with the cryptic fight between him and Logan. A female soldier was strangled near where they were stationed in Iraq and, the best I can figure, they both suspect the other of being guilty. When pressed by Logan about the DNA match, Cooper claimed he saw Georgie just before she was killed and they got into an argument in which she clawed and scratched him. Am I the only one who thinks that’s out of character for Georgie? Wouldn’t she have tried to outwit him, and if that didn’t work – run.

Aside from the bitter argument with Logan, Cooper also argued with Jerry over the phone and told Daniel (the odd busboy at Kelly’s) he remembered seeing him working as a caterer at the black and white ball shortly before he was found hanging from the rafters in his room by Maxie. (Remember whoever the TMK is, he had to be at the black and white ball.) Did Logan, Jerry, or Daniel do him in or did the strain and stress of all the trouble he’s been in cause Cooper to crack and commit suicide. One thing seems to be pretty obvious — the TMK he’s not.

When he wasn’t fighting with Cooper, Logan was quite aware of the fact that Lulu was hiding Johnny and caring for him. When Scott asked for his help in finding Johnny, Logan refused to tell what he knew. He was sure that telling would cost him his relationship with Lulu, a fact Johnny was banking on. Lulu, however, remains torn between the two of them. I’m betting, in the end, she ends up with Johnny though. He’s even more dangerous than Logan was and he hasn’t hurt her yet. After years of feeling like an outcast with her father, trust is hard for her and Logan has violated that – major bonus points for Johnny.

The guy whose face we didn’t see for a long time seems to be holding something over Jerry’s head. Enter Dr. Ian Devin, an old friend of Patrick’s from medical school and devastatingly handsome enough to give him a run for his money with the nurses. So is this the doctor who did Jerry’s plastic surgery. What big bad stuff is he up to now and how will it involve General Hospital?

Jason caught Michael trying to take his father’s gun and gave him the big ‘guns kill people’ speech, followed by the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ one, but Michael was undeterred. When he came back later to find his father’s desk drawer locked, he came up with a dollars for dolphins fund raising scheme in order to buy a gun from a gang member. This, of course, has bad news written all over it.

While Carly should have been making sure Michael was still in school and not out buying guns from gang members, she was instead giving Kate hell for her involvement with Sonny. As neurotic as Carly has always been, she’s really seemed to put it into overdrive lately. I cheered just a little bit inside when Jason told her she really needed to back away from his and Sonny’s life. Later, Kate returned to Sonny’s office to try and retrieve something left behind, and found Sonny was back. Will he give her a chance to explain why she wasn’t sure about marriage?

Scoops and Spoilers

The word “Tragedy” is being tossed around a lot in spoilers for February sweeps in connection with Michael and his new gun. As soon as this story started I began to think we’d see Morgan or Kristina fall victim to an accident. Some internet gossip is leaning toward Michael.

Sara Brown’s return to GH in the brand new role of Claudia Zacchara will kick off sweeps in a huge way on January 31. Tony Geary and Ingo Rademacher both return from mini-vacations that day so it will be a day of very familiar faces.

Sonny’s always been one with the ladies, but look for him to bed Claudia in record time.

In the upcoming week, Robin will tell Patrick she’s pregnant, but insist it’s not his. He may be a doctor, but his fear of being a father will allow him to ignore the fact they recently slept together and the condom broke.

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