Monday , April 15 2024
Jason saves the day and I'm yawning.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Crisis Averted

As if we didn’t know it would end this way… Jason saved the day and disarmed Joe-the-human-bomb after coming to the conclusion it wasn’t a real bomb he strapped to his body. After overhearing Joe talk to Sam about the old car in front of his auto repair shop and how he wanted nothing more than to see his own son playing behind the wheel, Jason realized he was a loving father in a desperate situation. The PCPD wasn’t nearly as understanding and hauled Joe off as he screamed to Sam to check in on his wife and unborn child.

In the aftermath Sam tried to get Lucky to take her home, but he wanted to stay around and make sure Jake and Elizabeth were alright. You’d think as a police officer who was on the scene he’d have work to do, but apparently not. Of course, Sam had that hurt and jealous look in her eyes as she watched Lucky with the baby and his ex-wife. Is she going to go from almost-savior right back to evil and petty?

All in all, I have to say it’s been nice to see a return to the hospital. Right down to the exterior shots borrowed straight from Night Shift, it’s where the focus of the show should be, even if the storyline is going to be doctor Monica’s new drinking problem. Yes, it’s a rewrite and repeat of Dr. Drake senior’s return to the show, but maybe in the end the two can go to AA meetings together.

It’s about time Jax staged a Jason intervention with Carly and got her to see where her focus should belong. It’s just too bad it had to be the fill-in actor doing it. I’ll admit, I don’t accept change easily, but this guy not only looks nothing like Ingo, but he’s playing him with an edge that the Jax I’m used to just doesn’t have. I’m counting down the days until Jax, once again, looks the way he’s supposed to.

While Spinelli was infiltrating the monastery, through the front door and speaking Latin, Johnny worked his way through the catacombs and their riverbed entrance. While Spin was finding the room Lulu was being held captive in empty, Johnny stumbled across her, broken leg and all. Of course, Lulu couldn’t graciously accept help. No, she had to get all pushy and get Johnny injured as well right before the two got trapped in some secret hidden room. Maybe it will be Spin to the rescue after all?

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