Wednesday , May 22 2024
Crazy Anthony Z can move his foot? Carly learns Jason is Jake's father.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Secrets Revealed

Thanks to Sam, Carly now knows Jason’s secret. I don’t know if she’s really upset by the idea that Jason is being kept away from Jake, or if she’s really upset that he kept the secret from her. I know Jason in hurting. I understand Carly wants to ease that pain. What seems to be flying right over her head, though, is no children – not hers, not Jason’s – are safe in the “coffee importation” business.

While Carly was whining to Jason about secrets kept, Liz went to confront Sam and give Lucky a clue or two. He was upset when he learned that Sam had told Carly the truth, but still defended Sam. Yes, she’s been hurt by all this, but it’s more than obvious to this viewer she’s lying to Lucky to hold on to him. Will it work? Maybe he’ll finally open his eyes, remember he’s a Spencer, and sees Sam for the master manipulator she is. On the other hand, I don’t see anyone on the canvas I’d rather have Lucky with.

Nicholas’ had an appointment with Dr. Drake, Jr. After a long, long wait and a visit from dead-Emily, he went ballistic on Nadine. No, it wasn’t the long wait time, it was another rage outburst. Apparently the first he’s had since Emily died. After Robin sedated him, Patrick ordered a bunch of tests, saying they needed to learn the connection between the rage attacks and his brain tumor. Good idea, Patrick.

In an attempt to force Johnny Z’s hand, Jerry, aka Moreau, took Lulu hostage and is holding her in the basement of a monastery. The Monks remain his loyal servants because of some huge monetary donation he made, but Johnny and Logan now know who has her. If only they can figure out where.

Spin may be able to put all the pieces Lulu left on his voicemail together. That is if he ever rebounds from that decongestant he took. It would be quite the feat to save the missing again Lulu and find out who killed Stan. What a way to kick off a brand new PI business! My only question is does he have a license yet. Don’t these things take time?

It’s been quite an adventure Diane and Alexis have had. Too bad they never made it to Philadelphia and I wonder if either of them actually won Woman Litigator of the Year. What a treat it was for us to see a series of scenes where strong independent business women were able to work together, bond a little, and still hold onto their animosity for each other – even if it’s softened just a bit.

Was I the only one who thought crazy Anthony Z was just being a freak when he was going on and on to Johnny about how he can move his foot. I have a feeling we have a new bad guy who’s going to be as hard to kill as Manny Ruiz was.

A Look Ahead…
Tomorrow Carmon plays with matches and baby Jake is trapped inside the burning house. A man straps a bomb to himself to ensure his wife gets proper medical attention.

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