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Will Alexis and Diane make it to Philadelphia in time for their award dinner?

Making The Rounds at General Hospital – Battles

Diane and Alexis were just trying to get to their award dinner, while Ric was left with the kids, and Carly was trying to conceive and control her mini-mobster.

On a plane, waiting for take-off to Philadelphia, was where Diane and Alexis first learned they were competing against each other for the Litigator of the Year award. Each carrying a garment bag containing a gown on loan from Kate Howard, the two legal eagles might have been ready for the trip, but the plane was being held on the tarmac for being overweight. Alexis tried to force the staff's hand using her mad litigation skills, but ended up getting herself and Diane kicked off the plane. Hopefully they are able to find their way to the dinner, because watching these two work together is almost as much fun as watching them spar.

While Alexis was trying to get to the award dinner, Ric had a battle of his own in the form of Kristina who it would seem is going through a difficult time. He called in Skye as backup and not only was she effective with Kristina, but the two of them were beginning to bond and light some sparks. That is until Ric put his foot in his mouth and set his eyes on her waterfront property. Cue the exit of yet another Quartermaine when Robin Christopher leaves the show this week as her contract expires. She will be missed.

Kristina wasn't the only one going through a difficult time. Michael proved he's still out to become a mini-mobster by breaking the kneecaps of his younger brother's toys and punching a kid at school. Between his son's emulation and his separation from Kate, I suspect we will see Sonny make another attempt to turn away from "the business" soon.

Since Carly wants a safe environment to bring a baby Jax into the world, she hoped Jason would assure her there would be no mob war. That's one assertion he was unwilling to give. Carly also noticed Jason and Liz making puppy-dog eyes at each other, but that wasn't enough to prepare her for the little bombshell secret Sam dropped on her as payback to Liz. With the knowledge Jake is Jason's, Carly is sure to be on the war path lashing out in hurt and pain because her BFF didn't confide in her.

A Look Ahead

Did Felicia just break the text-message killer case wide open? It would seem those boot prints at Georgie's crime scene belonged to Cooper. Or is that too easy? At one point he was 'spoiled' to be the culprit, but with the writer's strike still in high gear, I have little faith in any of the spoiler information that has been out for any length of time. I'm guessing the identity has been shifted, but time will tell.

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