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Waiting is no longer an option for Luke. Maxie is attacked by the text-message killer.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Maxie Targeted by Text Message Killer

On Monday’s General Hospital:

After finally giving her statement to Detective Harper about the black and white ball, a statement that seemed pretty damning to Cooper, Maxie returned home and was attacked by the text-message killer. He might have succeeded, had Georgie not rushed in the door. The only thing either of the Jones girls knew for sure was that he was wearing all black and was of medium build with light brown hair – a description that matched Jerry, Johnny, and Cooper, all of whom were seen wearing all black later in the episode.

Jerry and Johnny seem all too easy scapegoats for this crime. Jerry might have targeted Leticia to scare Carly and Jax away from any involvement with Sonny, and it does make sense for him to target Emily with that blackmail thing between them, but I can’t see why he would go after Carly or Maxie. Cooper, however, does have reason to target those close to Sonny (Sonny has been keeping him under his thumb) and Maxie did cheat on him with Logan, but then there’s no motive for Emily. The PCPD still seems pretty focused on Johnny, however, with the exception of Detective Harper who seems to understand there is more going on than meets the eye.

Trevor and Johnny offered to buy Lorenzo’s waterfront warehouses, which Skye informed them are still tied up in probate. When Johnny’s hard business negotiations were taken as a threat by Skye, she outright refused to sell them the property, and left. Ric, who caught the tail end of the exchange in the Metro Court Restaurant, told his father that no harm had better come to Skye.

As much as I complain about some storylines – especially those that put women in degrading positions or use gun violence as not only an answer but sweep-worthy entertainment – there are just as many stories that keep me tuned in. The scenes with Alexis and Diane needling each other over the lawsuit between Kate and Sonny, and the designer shoes Kate gifted Alexis with as a retainer were delightfully fun, and when it comes to poignant, it doesn’t get much better than Tracy and Luke.

Luke agreed to the bypass surgery last week, but ever since has been refusing to change his lifestyle afterward, saying he wants to live on his own terms. After he and Tracy went round and round on the subject, she stormed out. Later a visit from Lucky gave Luke a new perspective on his ailing heart. Before he and Tracy could talk too much about it, Monica rushed in saying Luke had to have the surgery immediately, his heart was failing.

Coming Up…
Visions of Emily in the operating room cause Monica to freeze during Luke’s surgery. Luke is treated to his own version of hell with Skye as his tour guide. Mac marks Johnny as the text message killer.

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