Tuesday , May 21 2024
The search continues for the text-message killer. The ladies of Port Charles blow a little steam and down a lot of tequila.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Tequila Cure

On Tuesday’s General Hospital:

The search continued for the text-message killer. The ladies of Port Charles blew a little steam and downed a lot of tequila.

Jerry tried once again to convince Alexis their relationship could be personal as well as professional, but she turned him down, saying she had been burnt enough by bad guys. Later, as he was leaving the Metro Court, he ran into an extremely drunk Leyla and was easily able to talk her into returning to his room, saying the best way to get over a lost love is meaningless sex.

Any intentions Leyla had of taking him up on the offer were brought to a quick halt when everything she drank at Jake's came back up on her, something Alexis was unaware of when she returned to Jerry's hotel room and found Leyla in his bed.

My guess is we're going to see Alexis get extremely jealous. As much as she tries to push Jerry away, she has been obviously attracted to him for quite some time. While Sebastian Roche seems to have chemistry with any actress they put opposite of him, I was sort of hoping the truce Ric and Alexis called at the Black and White Ball would lead to reconciliation.

After putting Leyla in a cab, the remaining ladies continued to drown their sorrows in tequila. When Patrick and Leo showed up to do some of the same, Liz, still hurting over losing Jason, laid into Dr. Drake Jr. calling him a coward in regards to fatherhood.

Maybe Liz's tongue lashing was exactly what Patrick needed to hear, but I'm still thinking there has to be a larger underlying cause as to why Patrick is resisting fatherhood so hard, and it has very little to do with not wanting to give up his wild ways. I'm hoping we can move beyond the bickering between Patrick and Robin and get to the heart of the matter soon.

Just as Jason agreed to Lucky's ultimatum, Detective Harper showed up to question Jason about Emily's murder, informing both men the police department had received an anonymous text saying 'Anthony didn’t do it.' Lucky and Detective Harper went on to tell Trevor they also wanted to question Johnny about the text message killings.

Silly me. Why did I even think the Port Charles PD would hire a detective who could solve a crime? I guess questioning the mob hit man isn't so far-fetched, even if he is the victim's brother, but I would be more inclined to question Trevor than Johnny about the murders.

When Scott offered to help get Logan admitted to the police academy, he turned him down. I'm not sure if it was because he really wasn't interested in the profession and another uniform or if it was, as Lulu suggested, Sonny might not take kindly to him joining the police force with his working knowledge of his business.

Coming Up…

Kate continues to resist Sonny's way of life. It's up to Lulu and Johnny to get Luke to the ER on time. Patrick and Robin continue clashing about fatherhood.

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