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The staff of GH realizes how fragile life is as they mourn Emily and care for a critical patient.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Fragile Life

On Friday’s General Hospital:

The search for the text-message killer continues as the hospital staff tends to a gravely injured patient.

The hospital staff has their own memorial service to honor Emily, but it is interrupted when a patient is brought into the emergency room, a bride who was involved in a hit-and-run, clinging to life. As the entire staff rallied to try and save her life, Patrick is reminded yet again how fragile life is and tried to tell Robin they can overcome their differences.

As much as I would love to see this couple back together, I think all that has happened recently is going to make Robin more resolved about having a child of her own. While Patrick seems willing to do whatever it takes to be with her, I believe that is where he is going to draw the line.

Jason showed up at Liz's so they could discuss what the future held for them, but they were interrupted by Lucky. Jason hid, but overheard Lucky tell Liz she should let him continue to be a father to her boys because Jason's life is too dangerous. Liz admitted he had a valid point.

In a run-in with Sonny, Jax pointed out how the two strangling victims and one intended were all connected to him and tells him everyone close to Sonny is in danger. Later he is concerned when Carly seems to be hiding something from him.

At least Jax can put two and two together and figure out when Carly is scheming. I do understand why she wants to shelter Jax from the disappointment of unsuccessfully conceiving, but I do hope she tells him the truth soon. This is something Jax deserves to be involved in from beginning to end.

Johnny realizes he has no choice but to step up and take control of his father's business, a decision that shocks Lulu. Later, Trevor warns Sonny to broker a truce with the Zacchara family, or lose everyone he loves.

Is the threat supposed to make us believe Trevor is the text-message killer? I'm not buying into the Zacchara connection. That doesn't mean I think the apparent link to Sonny is random however. Let's face it; there are plenty of people in Port Charles who would like to see the mob boss pay.

As Nikolas tried to wrap his mind, and any thread of sanity he's gripping to, around how Emily is with him, and only him, Detective Harper showed up saying the blood on the mask found near Emily's body was a DNA match for him and he was going to have to question him further.

I guess Port Charles still doesn't have a detective who might actually be able to accurately solve a case. Didn't he notice all the cuts on Nikolas? Think maybe that's where the blood came from. I'm with Emily, or the fabrication of Nik's illness, he did not kill Emily.

Casting News

Rumors of casting changes have been abundant as of late. Recently I've seen there has been an open casting call for the role of Jeff Webber (Made popular by Richard Dean Anderson) and Sarah Brown's website reports she is returning to the show. The WUBS blog suggest it is not a return to the role of Carly, but as Sarah Webber.

As I complained about last week, we've been watching the slow destruction of the Quatermaine family, and that continues as Soap Opera Digest reports Robin Christopher (Skye Quartermaine) will be leaving the show when her contract expires. No word as to whether the role will be recast.

In the 'coming' column, Kristen Wagner also discussed in Soap Opera Digest how excited she is to reprise the role of Felicia, though she is saddened by the event that will bring her on (Georgie's funeral). She says the reason why Felicia abandoned her children will be addressed in the story arc of her return, but also says only the first two episodes of that arc were filmed before the writers went on strike.

SOD also rumors Finola Hughes return in February, possibly to help her daughter with her pregnancy. This viewer hopes we also see a rekindling of Anna's romance with Noah (Rick Springfield).


  • When Jerry hits on a distraught Leyla in the Metro Court bar, Alexis bares her claws.
  • Patrick wants another chance with Robin, but she's not so sure they can pick it back up. Liz scolds Patrick for letting love slip through his fingers.
  • As Maxie nearly becomes the next victim of the text-message killer, Lucky and Detective Harper start suspecting Trevor

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