Friday , April 12 2024
Jason and Liz find comfort in each others arms; Nikolas finds he can see and touch Emily.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Life Goes On

On Tuesday’s General Hospital:

Jason and Liz grieve together as Nikolas discovers he can see and touch Emily. Georgie tries to spill her heart while Kate and Sonny argue.

Liz came home from the funeral to find Jason in the house waiting for her. Wordlessly, the two fell together and comforted each other. When the kids were dropped off, Jason spent time with Jake while Liz got Cameron ready for bed. Later, as they discussed where they would go from there, Jason abruptly left.

As someone who's resisted the Jason/Liz pairing, I have to admit their chemistry just popped. Maybe I'm starting to see what so many others are, or maybe because Liz has finally told all her secrets (Or Jason has told her secrets) I don't mind her moving on. Unfortunately, I don't think they are going to have an easy road. Jason is still a mob hit-man coffee importer and Liz isn't going to want her kids around the violence (with reason). Also, I don't look for Lucky to let go of his kids easily, especially with Sam coaxing him to hang on to them.

Upon discovering that he can not only see Emily but touch her as well, Nikolas determined he must be going insane. Emily, on the other hand, continued to tell him she is there and real and his memories of her funeral must have been a horrible nightmare. When Albert delivers dinner, not only could he not see Emily but he offered Nikolas condolences again, forcing Emily to accept the fact she is dead. Nikolas decided he didn't care what was allowing him to be with her, even if it was his ill mind, he is just happy for the experience.

When Nikolas and Emily were on the screen yesterday, I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. I don't get it. I guess she's dead, but she's not really a ghost; Nikolas can touch her. Nikolas could see her reflection in the mirror so she's not a vampire. I'm hoping as time passes, I can get into this (I have to. The word is we're going to be seeing it until May). I also hope they let Natalia Livingston get out of that ball gown soon, give her a nice jogging suite like they did Alan.

Carly took Lulu's encouragement to heart and decided to move forward with baby plans with Jax, only for some reason I can't figure out, she felt the need to do it secretively, confusing Jax when she refused the champagne. I suppose those in charge don't think we need a reason other than Carly's a schemer, though I suppose it's possible she just doesn't want to put Jax through the emotional ups and downs if it becomes difficult for her to get pregnant. I'm hoping it doesn't, though, because a child of his own is something he's wanted for a long time, and deserves.

Georgie tried to spill her heart to Spinelli over chicken soup, but once again she was interrupted by Nadine. Sonny had a new security system installed at Kate's and assigned Max to be her guard, only angering her. Kate put their relationship on hold until Sonny calls back his men and his high tech security.

Coming Up…
Lucky wants to retain his role as Jake's father. Trevor threatens Sonny. The hospital staff rushes to rescue a bride who was hit by a car.

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