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The storm subsides and help arrives.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Help Arrives Too Late for Emily

On Monday’s General Hospital:

Just in the nick of time police and medical personal arrive on Spoon Island to sort out the devastation left behind at the Black and White Ball.

As Kate distracted the gunman, Sonny was able to shoot him, saving his new lady for a second time in one night. In the aftermath, Kate told Sonny she loves him and will be with him no matter how dangerous his life is.

Elizabeth and Jason both took chances and eventually overpowered Zacchara. The madman leaped up on the turret and then jumped off as Jason fired at him. Anthony landed on an awning below and clung to life as Trevor told him he was cutting him loose and taking control.

Kate and Elizabeth are two very different women, both in love with men in dangerous jobs. While Kate is strong and willing to endure whatever it takes to be with Sonny, I really don't see Liz doing the same. I'm guessing as soon as the adrenaline wears off, Liz will be telling Jason she can't subject her boys to the danger in his life. Not that she's wrong for it, it's the reaction I would expect from a good mother. I just find the two pairings interesting for their differences.

As Luke suffered from another heart attack, Robin used the portable defibrillator to shock him into a normal rhythm. (Anyone know why Nikolas owns one of these things?) The helicopters arrived to start lifting people from the island, but Luke was still very weak. It's a good thing the cardiologist, Dr. Julian, was the doctor who opted to be a part of the rescue.

It was so good to see hospital staff after three weeks of nothing but Black and White Ball. Dr. Ford, Epiphany, Dr. Julian, and Regina all made appearances in a hospital that is being remodeled. There have been rumors that after the first of the year we will see the storylines turn sharply back to the hospital and maybe this make-over of the set is an indication the rumors are true.

The police arrived, Mac and the new detective David began questioning the guest, and while discussing the timeline of events, Carly and Jason realized it could not have been Anthony strangling her, if he was being tossed off Wyndemere by Jason at the same time, proving the text message killer is not a Zacchara. Meanwhile, Sonny maligns Trevor to Mac while Johnny aligns himself with Trevor as the Zacchara in charge.

On Tuesday’s General Hospital:

The rescue efforts continued, taking the victims of the mayhem on Spoon Island to General Hospital, while those who weren't injured helped with the police investigation.

Luke underwent an emergency angioplasty, and while he was in recovery Tracy learned he needs bypass surgery and a complete lifestyle change. Patrick didn't leave Leyla's side until he was able to turn her over to a surgeon.

Ric refused to go into surgery until he talked to Alexis and saw she was okay. It was Skye who found her and sent her to her ex-husband's bedside. Saying he saw himself in his father's eyes and that he needed to break the cycle, Ric told Alexis he wanted to forge a truce for the sake of their children; Alexis agreed to 'try not to hate him.'

There were a lot of touching moments in the hospital scenes. As usual Geary and Elliot played off each other with a charm and grace. I think Luke's recovery from his heart attack, with Tracy by his side, is going to be entertaining to watch. Robin and Patrick also forged a peace treaty, both saying the long talk they had at Wyndemere was going to make it easier to move on. Of course, I'm still hoping these two find a way back together. As for Ric and Alexis, I'm guessing peace will eventually lead to this couple reuniting as well.

Back at Wyndemere Elizabeth assured Detective Harper there was no way Nikolas would have killed Emily, but Jason didn't seem so sure. Carly explained to Mac that it couldn't have been Anthony strangling her because at that time he was terrorizing Jason and Elizabeth. As the medical personnel prepared Emily's body to be taken off the island, Nikolas completely broke down, ordering everyone to leave him and Emily alone. Sam tried to console him, but it was Elizabeth who got through.

Once away from Wyndemere and after seeing for herself that Sonny was okay, Carly collapsed in Jax's arms, showing for the first time how much the attack had affected her. Skye ran into Edward who had arrived at the hospital for a board meeting and had the heartbreaking job of telling a devastated Edward about Emily's death.

But in the scene-stealing scenes of the day, Jason went to tell Monica what had happened. When she learned Zacchara was the most likely suspect, Monica broke down and attacked Jason, blaming his violent lifestyle for taking everyone she loved from her. She forbid him from attending Emily's funeral and disowned him, before tossing him from the house and collapsing in grief.

Seeing scenes like this only makes me scratch my head in wonder as to why the powers that be seem intent on purging the show of its veteran actors and Port Charles of one of its core families, the Quartermaines. Monica is right, here whole family has been ripped from her over the course of the last eighteen months or so and at the rate it's going, there won't be any left before long. After yesterday's performance, Leslie Charleson should be hailed as a valuable commodity by TPTB, but I suspect she's wondering if her number will be up soon.

Coming Up…

The residents of Port Charles celebrate Thanksgiving and grieve for Emily.

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