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As his father collapses from a heart attack, Lucky learns his son is actually Jason's.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Lucky Learns the Truth

On Monday's General Hospital:

Emotions ran high as the black and white ball entered its ninth hour. That's right; there are only 2 more episodes of actual ball before we see the end-scene we were flashed at the beginning of November sweeps. (Check below for a confirmed spoiler.)

Luke fell to the ground in pain as Zacchara gloated over scaring him into a heart attack. After Anthony went off to cause more terror, leaving Luke to die, it was Logan who found him and, with Scotty's help, moved him to the room where Tracy was recovering from her fall. Emily was brought in to confirm that he was in fact having a heart attack, and with the help of Edward's medicine in Tracy's purse, they were able to stabilize Luke for the moment.

It was odd and poignant to watch the infallible Luke Spencer fall, but also very realistic. As Emily pointed out, one cannot abuse one’s body for years and then wonder why it gives out. As both Scott and Luke reflected on their long-time feud, it became apparent they've continued to fight out of habit and really (sort of) have a respect for each other. I'm looking forward to watching Geary play out the recovery, assuming a realistic recovery from a heart attack is in future scripts.

But before Emily treated Luke, it broke her heart to lock Nikolas in the wine cellar for his own protection as well as that of every guest at Wyndermere. Just moments after telling her she had to keep him locked away, Nikolas flew into another rage, pounding at the door and screaming at Emily to release him. When she later returned to check on him, she found the wine cellar open and empty.

Moments before, we had seen Anthony lingering outside the cellar, and I have to wonder if it wasn’t he who released Nikolas. But no matter how Nikolas escaped, the result was two psychos traipsing around the creepy castle.

We've actually seen Anthony try, but fail, to take the lives of guests. With respect to those who have actually been injured, we've not seen how. Something tells me everything is not as black and white as it would appear at this ball.

Afraid for Sonny's safety after he was left weak from donating blood to Ric, Carly took it all out on Kate, and then bristled when Sonny confided he was in love with the woman. He asked Carly to do as she had asked him to do: be happy and wish him well. Though Carly was hurt, she went through the motions of doing as he asked. Sonny stopped short of telling Carly that Kate was in fact Connie, his first love.

Letting go of Sonny is beyond Carly; it always has been and always will be. I don't believe Jax drowned in the harbor as Jerry would have her believe, but I do believe Carly's world is about to be shaken severely. Not only is Sonny truly in love with another, but Carly is also about to learn that Jason couldn't trust her with what was probably the most important news of his life.

After leading Sam and Lucky to the safety of the barn to wait with Liz, Lulu, Nadine, and Spinelli, Jason was pushed into telling Lucky the truth about Jake. (Finally!) His heart breaking, Lucky lashed out at Elizabeth and Jason both, before running off to be alone. Sam chased after him to offer comfort, but only hurt him more when she admitted she had known the truth since the day after Jake was born.

I know a lot of fans want to see Jason and Liz together and think this is the catalyst to make that happen. I'm not necessarily against the pairing, but I do think Lucky was entitled to his hurt and rage, and couldn't help cheering him on as he chastised Liz for the year's worth of lies. Her good intentions be damned; lying was wrong. On the other hand, I hope Lucky is cautious before turning to Sam, because I believe she has only been using Lucky as a means to an end.

Patrick and Layla didn't seem to take Johnny's warnings that Layla looked too much like his dead mother to heart, but they found out just how much danger they were in when Anthony came upon the two of them and Robin. Believing Layla was his lost Marie, he told her he was going to kill the other two for keeping her away from him. When Layla begged him not to, he said he would compromise and kill only one, and it would be her choice who.

This has been the theme of this black and white ball storyline: whether you would die for love. Call me sentimental, or a fool for not being able to give up on my 'scrubs,' but I think (and hope) we’re about to see just how much Patrick and Robin truly care for each other.

News, Rumors, and Spoilers

Writers’ Strike – On the ABC daytime website a popup box reassures viewers that soaps are in no immediate danger from the writers’ strike. It says, "The shows you love will stay on schedule as planned with original episodes well into next year."

Emily Falls Victim – The body lying next to Nikolas as he awakes from the blackout we witnessed as a kickoff to sweeps is in fact Emily's. Natalia Livingston has confirmed she will be leaving the show when her contract ends in May. So what of Emily between now and then? Word has it Alan will not be the only Quartemaine haunting the living.

Tomorrow – Layla jumps in front of a bullet after designating it Patrick's. Robin again has premonitions of her own death. Jason must fight a raging Nikolas.

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