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A masquerade Black and White Ball begins and danger looms.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Would You Die For Love?

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

As the show opened, the much anticipated Black and White Ball storyline began. The camera panned a deserted Wyndemere and the voice of Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) narrated, asking the fated question, "Would you die for love?" We then saw him coming to on the floor, his clothes disheveled, his hands covered in blood. He notices a woman's mask, also bloody and then we see a woman's hand as he screams. A flash of 'eleven hours earlier' and we were taken to a time just preceding the ball.

Nikolas came to Emily as she finished dressing and after a heart-felt declaration of how scared he was over his deteriorating health and the mood swings, he asked Emily to marry him so they could have whatever days he had left together, raising Spencer. She agreed and not only was the Black and White Ball a celebration of the endowment he was making to the hospital in Alan's name, but it was also an engagement party. Too bad the only Quartermaine to show up was Skye with Ric.

Guests for the ball began arriving, both at the launch on Spoon Island and back at the docks in Port Charles. As Scott waited for a boat, he was knocked out and his invitation stolen by Johnny. Later he assumed it was Luke who had tried to keep him from the ball.
Jason arrived on the docks in response to a call from a frantic Spinelli who was overcome by nerves. They were immediately put at ease when Nadine arrived in her beautiful white gown and after Spinelli told Jason he no longer needed him, the two boarded the launch.

Jerry tried to talk Alexis into taking him as her escort so he could keep an eye on Jax and Carly, but she was not persuaded. Then Ric showed up and starting chastising her on her choice of dates. Good one Ric, you don't know Alexis any better than that? The quickest way to get her to do something is to tell her not to. Of course, Nikolas was none too happy to see Jerry in his home and at his party.

After Nikolas announced his engagement to Emily, the two shared the first waltz. From just outside the ballroom, Lucky and Elizabeth watched and were overcome with their history together. They shared a last dance, while Sam watched from the shadows. When alone, Sam confronted Liz, who came back at her with all of the dirty little secrets Jason had told her and the two engaged in what I guess you would call a fight. It's was more pushing and clawing. Lucky jumped in to break it up, and Sam dared Liz to tell Lucky exactly what they were fighting about. Is it finally time for Lucky to learn he's not Jake's father?

Even though it was stupid and pretty dangerous, Carly continued to text message the killer trying to arrange a meeting. When not using her cell phone, it went back to the cleavage of her dress. One might understand the need for a mother to bring a cell phone to the formal, ball but to continually fish it out from between her breasts was pretty tacky.

Uber-psycho Anthony Z showed up on the Spoon Island launch at the very end of the episode and began beating on the dock with a metal pipe while cackling. It was a pretty frightening Halloween sight, but I'm not sure what beating on the dock is going to do, unless he's damaging it to the point the launch won't be able to off-load.

While there was a lot going on, the episode wasn't as edge-of-your-seat as you might expect for the beginning of the sweeps period. It seemed to be a tremendous amount of story set-up. I was surprised to see very few of the names on the 'going to die at the ball' lists that have been circling the spoiler sites even in attendance. Hopefully the action steps up soon.

Coming Up…

If you haven't noticed, the 'next day' teases have been off in the last week or two. My guess is the events of the ball have been subject to some last minute shuffling before air time. On Thursday's episode (or maybe Friday's) we should see Alexis make a discovery, Johnny warn Lulu of the danger she is in, and Maxie argue with Layla.

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