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While Sonny meets with Anthony Z, everyone else argues about children.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sonny Meets With Zacchara

On Friday's General Hospital:

While Liz and Lucky, Robin and Patrick, and Jax and Carly all discuss children, Sonny and Jason take control and confront the Zacchara family.

Liz and Lucky realized they were letting their lawyers cause irrevocable damage and sent both Alexis and Diane away so they could talk through their issues alone. Try as they might to put the kids first, though, Liz was too hurt by Lucky's request for emergency custody and Lucky was too angry over Liz's inability to see how much she hurt him, and things were left unresolved and waiting for the mediator.

Patrick and Robin continued to bicker over her desire to get pregnant. Patrick wanted her to slow down and think everything through and Robin just wanted him to butt out of her affairs. Though Patrick continued to concede they were no longer a couple, it was obvious he still cares deeply and I continue to believe he envisions the child as something that will prevent them from reuniting.

Undeterred in her attempts to procure DNA, Robin set her sights on Lucky as her next potential baby's-daddy. We'll have to tune into Monday's show to see how he responds. Seeing how he's up to his neck in a bitter custody battle at the moment, I can't see him as someone willing to father another one, especially since all Robin wants is the genetic material and not the body that goes along with it.

Meanwhile, Carly questioned Jax on the timing of his announcement he was ready for children. Later, she reminded him of her previous miscarriage and enlightened him to the fact she may not easily become pregnant. After outlining why, she told her husband she would rather put the task of making babies aside for the time being. Jax said he was sympathetic to the way she felt, but it was obvious he was more than a little hurt by it all. I'm not buying Carly's reasons at face value. While I'm sure it's part of her hesitation, I think part is also about her feeling insecure in her marriage right now.

Johnny and Jason tracked Lulu and put the pieces together; discovering Johnny's handlers had grabbed Lulu. When Johnny told Jason the only way to secure her freedom was for him to go home, Jason allowed him to do so. He then went to fill Sonny in on what was going on, only to learn Sonny was on his way to meet with Zacchara.

After Sonny was on the way, Jason grabbed Trevor to use as a bargaining chip against Mr. Z. in case the face to face didn't go well. At Crimson Point, Johnny instructed his handlers to take Sonny into his father. At episode's end, Anthony turned from a window and put a gun to Sonny's head.

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Anthony Zacharra becomes infatuated with Lulu. Just what she needs another admirer. This one, however, will most certainly grab her daddy's attention.
  • Carly continues to investigate Leticia's murder. Did we really expect her to do any differently?
  • Trevor warns of Sonny's. Or is he just really hopeful?
  • Another text message is sent to Carly from the killer. Are we sure she just doesn't have a secret admirer.

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