Thursday , December 7 2023
Johnny's causing all kinds of havoc in Port Charles.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Strategies and Tactics

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Skye invited Ric to dinner at the Metro Court to discuss forming an alliance, saying it was always Lorenzo who put them at odds. Now, because of her relationship with the arms dealer, she finds herself an outcast, much the same way Ric is. How can Ric help her? Jason's trial left doubt that Lorenzo was even dead, so now she can't get her hands on his money. What I'm wondering is what Ric is going to want in return.

Their dinner was interrupted when Ric spotted Alexis sitting down with Jerry Jacks. He told his ex-wife in no uncertain terms that if she allowed Jerry anywhere near Molly, he would take his daughter back. Both Alexis and Skye seemed unconvinced Ric would win a second time in family court, now that Alexis is cancer free.

Later, Jerry asked Alexis what it was that ever attracted her to someone as mean and nasty as Ric, admitting it was an odd statement for him to make. Oddly Alexis seemed a bit unnerved at the realization that it's the bad boys she's attracted to, yet she still agreed to have dinner with Jerry again. I get it, we're establishing a pattern. After being involved with Sonny and Ric, where else does Alexis have to turn but to Jerry? How about a nice guy? Are there any of them left in PC?

After Trevor warned Carly to keep her cousin away from Johnny, Jason showed up and chased him off. He was more concerned with what Johnny had to tell her; she was forced to admit she didn't learn much, and ended up being held at gunpoint. She did say she truly felt as though, based on his reaction, he wasn't the one to kill Leticia. I'm with you Carly.

After giving Johnny back his gun, without the clip, Lulu told him she doesn't like guns and he should leave. Johnny maintained he was only protecting her and Logan better watch his back if he ever makes Lulu cry again. Once he was gone, Logan implored her to cut all ties with Johnny, but she insisted that what she does is none of his business anymore.

Lulu then ran to Carly's to confront her about the texts she sent Johnny while posing as her. Carly didn't deny it and insisted she did it for her cousin's protection. After promising she would steer clear of the young Mr. Z, Lulu left… and immediately sent Johnny a text asking where she could meet him. Boy, Lulu's getting to be just as stupid as her brother Lucky. It's a good thing Daddy is on his way home, because Lulu needs protecting from both the guys in her life right now.

Maxie planned a special dinner at the Metro Court with Coop, where she laid her heart on the line and pretty much begged for another chance with him. Cooper, however, hesitated and told her the trust was gone. Of course, Maxie ran to Logan's door hoping for comfort, and a horizontal dance, only to be told by Logan exactly what he though of her. Didn't make for good foreplay, I guess. It is nice to see Logan is now feeling loyal to Lulu, even though she's cut him loose. The question is, can he reclaim her heart from Johnny before he hurts her worse than Logan ever did?

With the season finale of the Night Shift airing on Soapnet last night, look for a couple of unresolved storylines to make their way into the daylight hours.

I'll save the details for my review of last night's episode, but the characters of Leo Julian, Andy Archer, Layla Mir, and Cody Paul are said to be spending the off time between seasons of Night Shift roaming the halls of GH while the sun is up. Cody Paul, specifically, is said to be making an appearance on today's show.

Also coming, either today or early next week, is a new character, Nadine Crowell, sister to Jolene. Though I've seen no mention of it anywhere, I would be very surprised if we don't see Regina made a member of the daytime nursing staff as well.

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