Monday , December 4 2023
Kate gets community service. Lucky runs to Sam to heal his broken heart.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – A Slap on the Wrist for Kate

On Thursday's General Hospital:

After the judge gave his speech about not giving celebrities special treatment, especially repeat offenders of DUI, he proceeded to give Kate six months of community service at General Hospital. Even though she seemed quite relieved, Diane was immediately and vehemently opposed to the ankle bracelet that went along with it, asking the judge if he had any idea at all the influence Kate had on high fashion. Trevor and Ric sat back in total dismay and disbelief, both at Diane's protest and the slap on the wrist the usual hard nose judge passed down. We later learned it was thanks to Jerry that Sonny was able to blackmail the judge with a skeleton hidden in his closet – a niece he helped out with a DUI.

It didn't take Trevor long to figure it out and he warned Sonny that Kate will eventually lose everything. I wonder how long it will take Diane to figure it out. I have to say, she is such a fun character: a strong independent woman, who has her questionable ethics when it comes to Sonny's business and an insatiable weakness for high fashion. Completely unique from any other woman on the show, I'm always happier when I see she's going to be included in a day's storylines.

As Liz finished packing up her things and moved her and the boys into her grandma's house, Lucky seemed to have a change of heart. First he asked her to take her time about moving out and then offered again to let her have the house. To both suggestions, she closed the door. While she tried to paint a happy picture for her kids about their new life, Lucky chose to distract himself from his heartache with Sam.

I thought it was interesting how they continue to try and paint Liz as the righteous one here. Every wrong she did can be explained away by the fact Lucky was addicted to pills. In her mind it's okay if she's still lying about her son's paternity because Jason's life is too dangerous. I'm not trying to absolve Lucky, but I would have a lot more sympathy for Liz and her situation if I felt she regretted any part she played.

Three minor subplots weaved their way through today's episode. Nikolas turned to Robin for help and blood tests, suspecting his odd mood swings and blackouts may be an after effect of being poisoned by Jerry. He later confronted Jerry at the Metro Court, and by the needling tone in his reply, I'm guessing it was a symptom Jerry expected.

Georgie asked Spinelli for help in planning her year of learning abroad as an excuse to spend time with him. When he found it difficult to turn the conversation away from Lulu, however, she flat out asked him what he would do if Lulu never returned his feelings. Carly pushed her friendship with Jason too far and all but forbid him to see Liz. In an uncharacteristic, but long overdue move, Jason told her to back off and mind her own business.

Don't Forget! Nightshift on Soapnet tonight!

Tonight is episode twelve of thirteen so expect to see the stories that have run the full course of the season come to a head. Toussaint goes under the knife for his aneurysm, and by the looks of the previews, we'll be treated to Billy D. Williams singing via his life flashing before his eyes. It also appears Jason is on to Jolene. Get the tissues ready, I have a feeling it's going to be an emotional episode on all fronts.

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