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The part-time dad promises, if Lulu so chooses, he will be a better grandfather than a father.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Fathers, Mothers, and Daughters – Oh My!

Lulu nearly buckled under the pressure and recommendations of those around her, and was on the verge of signing the custody of her unborn child over to the Quartermaine family when her father showed up and held back "the lions." He insisted to Edward, Alan, and Dillon that Lulu would make the choice that was best for her in good time and without any outside influences. When Edward again threatened an injunction to keep her from having an abortion, Luke threatened a lawsuit against ELQ for the defective Enduro condoms.

I absolutely love the relationship the Spencers have; when Lulu needs her father the most, he is there and is everything she could ever want. The one disappointment was he never countered Lulu's claims that she was unwanted. He was fully upfront about his failings though, telling the teen if she decides to keep the baby, he "will try to be a much better grandfather than [he] ever was a father." Heavy on the teenager's mind was what her mother's advice would be (setting the stage for the short-lived comeback of the character this fall).

This storyline, mostly for the effect it has had on so many of the characters, continues to be the one reason I tune in. Reminiscent of a time when the show was truly an ensemble cast, it will be interesting to see what final decision the teen makes and how it will ripple out across all those close to Lulu and Dillon.

With two positive home pregnancy tests, Liz made an appointment with Dr. Lee — who confirmed "those home tests are very accurate." When Dr. Lee commented on how it would be a first child for Lucky, Liz's response was "how soon can we do a paternity test?" She then went on a search for Jason, who is out of town on "business" for Sonny. In the meantime, Lucky told Maxie as soon as things were sorted out with Lulu, he would leave Liz to be with her. Of course, he was saying what he needed to get his pills from her. It's all a matter of time before this situation explodes.

Jason and Sam or Jason and Liz, I'm having a hard time really caring which way this ends up going. It is rather disappointing watching what was once portrayed as a solid marriage being so easily disintegrated by the hard times. (All the cheating that has happened has been blamed on Lucky's addiction to pills.) It would have been nice to see the couple dealing with the issue at hand – prescription drug addiction – without cheating being tossed into the mix.

I'm also not too thrilled with the downward spiral of Maxie. The character has gone from a somewhat responsible teen to a manipulative young woman who defines her life by the guy she's into — a real flaw the writers of GH seem to give to more than one character. Word on the web is it's only going to get worse. (See spoiler section below for more on this.)

Alexis' continued battle with lung cancer, though it really shouldn't be, is becoming monotonous and boring. I can understand her being concerned for her children's well-being should she not survive, but I'm so sick of hearing her go on and on, not about her daughters, but about Kristina in particular. The constant interference over Sam and Jason is getting just as tiring. Yes, I understand the emotions behind it. I really do. But at some point you've said all you can say and you let your adult kid live her own life.

This newest development of her pushing her husband and daughter together so they can raise the younger two should she not make it is just plain disturbing. Dr. Winters echoed a statement I made here last week when she said, "What if you get better?" Yeah, Alexis! What if?

Caution – Spoilers Ahead!

I came to the conclusion a few weeks ago that Alexis will survive lung cancer because Nancy Lee Grahn recently signed a one-year contract. I guess the outcome is not written in stone, however. According to Sage, the actress is concerned because every time she voices concerns about the storyline, the character's condition is made worse. Recently, scripts had her progressing from stage two to stage four. Apparently, death is not out of the question.

General Hospital Happenings is reporting a Luke-and-Laura-like adventure is on the horizon for Dillon and Lulu. I pray Lulu isn't on the run with Dillon at the same time Laura emerges from her catatonic state. I am so looking forward to Genie Francis and Julie Marie Berman working together. It is also being said Dr. Robin Scorpio and an experimental drug therapy will pave the road to Laura's recovery.

The same site also says Maxie will go to extremes to get the attention of Lucky, attempting suicide by overdose. The effect to her heart is said to be substantial. Can I repeat myself? Stupid! Stupid little girl!

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