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Who Killed Rock 'n' Roll? Certainly not Dr. Noah Drake, Eli Love, or Rick Springfield, who performed the song on Friday's GH.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Noah and Eli Rocked the House

On Friday’s General Hospital:

Carly set aside her hurt and anger and confronted Irina head on, trying to play the same head games with her captor she was playing with them. Getting a rise out of Irina wasn’t a difficult task, especially for Carly, and she was also able to keep her distracted so Jerry could get the jump on his one-time-lover.

Imagine Carly’s and Jax’s (and even Irina’s) surprise when Jerry turned on his brother and his wife, suggesting to Irina they clean out Jax’s bank accounts before killing both of them. Though Carly and Jax seemed to be falling for it, I’m not. Jerry’s slime, there’s no doubt about it, but I still believe this is his ‘redemption’ story. I look for him to turn on Irina as soon as she lets down her guard.

Manipulation is still the name of Sam’s game, as she drew Lucky in to be her body guard, and then after Liz and Lucky had a huge blowout over it, suggested maybe it was a bad idea. She insisted coming between him and his wife was the last thing she wanted to do, which caused Lucky to pull her in and kiss her.

Sorry, all I can do is shake my head in amazement at how stupid Lucky can be. Can’t the writers respect the fact that he is of the Spencer gene pool and give the man just an ounce of common sense?

Sonny confronts Kate over her relationship with Zaccarah’s lawyer, who is also Ric’s father. But Kate maintains she wants needs to cut herself free from Sonny to protect her career and the life she’s made for herself. After warning Ric Zaccarah is making a power play for Port Charles, he stops short of warning him his daddy is in town, Sonny has Max and Milo bring Trevor in for a face-to-face confrontation. Meanwhile Kate is pleased as punch to be the one to tell Ric his father is in town to make sure the charges are dropped against her.

It looks as though Trevor Lansing’s stay in Port Charles is going to have as big of an impact on Sonny as it does on Ric. Couple that with Kate’s rejection and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Sonny’s bi-polar disorder take a turn for the worse, especially since we’ve seen him hitting the bottle again.

Jason and Spinelli track Elizabeth’s attackers to a small hotel not too far from the Canadian border and Jason uses all kinds of physical force to get to the bottom of who ordered the incident. I don’t think he was expecting the answer he got. Look out, Sam! You’re going to need that bodyguard you hired.

After the short delay while the sound crew fixed the microphone –- which served as a perfect opportunity for Anna to plug LIFEbeat and her personal story of being the mother of someone living with HIV –- The Eli Love concert was a go. While Dr. Noah Drake played guitar and put on the rockin’ show, Eli Love provided the vocals from his wheel chair back stage. The crowd, of course, was none the wiser and the charity fund raiser was a huge success. (Check out the footage on the left of Rick Springfield performing “Who Killed Rock N’ Roll” from his soon-to-be-released album.)

In the afterglow, Noah was still riding the emotional high of the performance, furthering Patrick’s fears that he will continue to thrill seek. A helicopter came into view and Anna announced she just received her next assignment and would be leaving, but not after saying a very special good-bye to Noah.

When questioned about the kiss, Noah advised Patrick to live life to the fullest. Patrick then went back stage to her Anna tell Robin to pursue her dreams of becoming a mother, before boarding her chopper to the next super-spy caper. Once again we see Patrick with that deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. I think it’s obvious a baby is going to be a huge point of contention between these two in the near future.

This viewer finds herself wishing this story wasn’t coming to such an abrupt end. According to a TV Guide report, Dr. Noah Drake will fade back into the background, so Springfield can finish that aforementioned album. I would like to see a more tightly-wrapped conclusion. Perhaps Noah saying it was fun but it’s time to go back to the real world, or even running away with Anna for another adventure, only to return broken-hearted. (Just suggestions, writers) Instead, we get the feeling Noah is headed down a dangerous road, but will probably not see any resolution to the idea.

Keep reading below if you’re interested in the spoilers!

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Jason confronts Sam with the knowledge she orchestrated the attack against Liz. Talk about putting the nail in your own coffin. This is going to get ugly.
  • Maxie is not-so-willing to get let Logan out of there deal. In other words, she’s hot to get in bed with Logan. I wonder if Coop will catch her again?

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