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Noah is set to take the stage, but his voice isn't. Sam's schemes are about to backfire.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Noah Loses Voice, Sam’s Schemes Continue

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

After telling Sonny she has to disassociate herself from him because she cannot risk going to jail, Kate attempted to bargain with Ric. Obviously she isn't fully aware what a scum the DA is. Not only did he outright refuse to honor the plea deal Diane worked out with the assistant DA, but he also filled Kate in on Sonny's bi-polar disorder and his breakdown last summer. Totally dejected, Kate made her way back to the Metro Court to find an older gentleman waiting in her room and very happy to see her.

After her heart to heart with Jason, Elizabeth went back to Lucky and told him she was cutting Jason out of her life completely, for the sake of her marriage and the safety of the boys. She seemed a bit put off when Lucky didn't drop down at her feet and sing her praises. I guess she's grown quite use to him bending over backwards to keep their marriage together. I'm also happy to see Lucky's not giving her one hundred percent trust yet, because she doesn't deserve it. Everyone knows as soon as Jason figures out it was Sam behind the attack in the park, Liz is going to go running to Jason's open arms, leaving Lucky out in the cold.

When Maxie caught the two goons in Sam's apartment, she figured out she was the one behind Liz's attack and offered to help her in any way. Sam, however, admited to nothing. Meanwhile, Sam stepped up her plan to steal Lucky by telling him she's in as much danger as Liz from those who hate Jason, but Jason won't protect her. She asks a shocked Lucky to serve as her bodyguard.

With just hours before Noah is supposed to go on as Eli Love, he suffered a huge case of stage fright and tried to back out of the event. Patrick, of course, took it as just another way his father was letting him down and attacked Noah for every mistake he had made since his mother had died before storming off to the hospital.

Anna stayed behind and the two talked through their mutual shattered relationships with their children. She told Noah that she had decided long ago to set aside the troubled past with Robin and start anew to have a good grown-up relationship with her daughter. She continued by saying it wasn't too late for Noah to do the same with Patrick.

At the hospital, Robin found Patrick reviewing the files on Noah's patients. He informed her he's been doing it since Noah started impersonating Eli because he fears his father is drinking again. Robin pulled him aside and gave Patrick similar advice to what Anna gave Noah, suggesting that if he stopped expecting Noah to fail and let him down, maybe the two could move forward past their pain.

Patrick accompanied Robin back to the venue, where Noah and Patrick have the heart-to-heart this viewer has been waiting for since these stubborn Drake Doctors returned to Port Charles. After saying he's going to try his best at the concert, Noah asked Patrick if he really became a doctor because of him. Patrick replied that he's always been his own personal super-hero. It would seem all was well with the world, or at least Port Charles, as Noah went back up on the stage for one last rehearsal. From backstage, Robin and Patrick hear a crash and run out to find Noah on his back with the mic stand lying across his throat – he tripped and fell. When he tries to speak, Noah has no voice.

"What are we going to do now?" Patrick asks…


On Thursday's General Hospital:

While Kate and Trevor (the mysterious guest waiting in her hotel room) took a stroll down memory lane, we learned he is a lawyer whom she has known for many years and they share a long and complicated past. He says he is there because he heard of her run in with the law, and she informed him that the DA is a corrupt slime, adding as an afterthought they share the last name.

Trevor admits Ric is his son, and tells Kate he has done nothing but disappoint him his whole life. He also tells the woman not to worry, she won't spend a day in jail. At episode's end Max called Sonny to tell him that the lawyer of rival crime boss Zacchara is in town and has spent the entire evening in Kate's room.

Boy, I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to Daddy Lansing putting weasel Ric in his place. A few days ago I wondered if the writers weren't setting Ric up to be the newest murder victim in PC, but I think a smack-down from daddy will be even more fun to watch.

Sonny showed up at Elizabeth's and gave her a much deserved lecture about cutting Jason lose, but then also stringing him along. He encouraged her to make up her mind and stick with it instead of torturing Jason. In the meantime, Lucky decided he would take on the job as Sam's bodyguard. It was the least he could do after she had saved the kids, he reasoned. While he was telling her the news, a knock fell on Sam's door and he went to answer it. He looked pretty surprised to see it was Liz, but not nearly as surprised as Liz was to see Lucky at Sam's.

At the penthouse, Spinelli worked his cyber magic and was able to come up with security camera footage of Elizabeth's attackers as well as a license plate number that eventually gave him a known address. Jason grabbed his gun and headed over to get to the bottom of things. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he finds out Sam was the one behind it all.

At the Venue for the Lifebeat concert Noah continued to drink tea, but his voice just wasn't coming back to him. With an hour left before the show, Anna and Robin went to the hospital to check on Eli, who had been busy harassing Epiphany about when he could leave the hospital, even though he's yet to stand or walk since his brain surgery. When Anna explains the situation to Eli, he is determined to go to the venue and make sure neither Lifebeat or his fans are disappointed.

But how? Patrick asks when they arrive. Eli can't get out of the wheel chair. They rig Eli up with a headset microphone and Noah takes the stage. The drummer counts of the song and… we see Eli pointing to the headset and shaking his head. Will Noah be able to save the day? Tune in tomorrow to see Rick Springfield perform (In which role, we're just not sure yet) "Who Killed Rock N Roll" from his forthcoming album.

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