Friday , July 19 2024
Sam's thugs put a halt to Liz and Jason's future, Layla puts the moves on Patrick.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Spinelli Heartbroken, Sam Plays Savior

On Monday's General Hospital:

Spinelli watched, heartbroken, as Lulu left Kelly's with Logan and later had to put up with Maxie's taunting and cruelty. In his apartment, Logan tried to push Lulu away yet again referring to the mysterious 'bad thing' he did in Iraq but Lulu remained steadfast and determined as the two fell into a passionate embrace.

In Turkey, while Jerry and Carly argued over whether or not Carly could help rescue Jax and whether or not Irina was truly alive, the woman in question busted down the hotel room door and held the two at gunpoint while she admonished Jerry for betraying her, oblivious to the point she obviously betrayed Jerry first. When Carly pressed on about Jax, Irina said she was left with no choice but to kill him.

I'm not buying it. If that were the case, it would have been something the viewers would have had a little more insight into. Besides, I still maintain the whole reason behind this Irina storyline is to redeem Jerry and that can't be done if Jax ends up dead.

Student nurse Layla crossed over from the Night Shift, it would seem for the sole purpose of annoying the crap out of Robin (and me) while she batted her big brown eyes at Patrick. First Patrick invited her along to the Lifebeat concert. When she replied she would rather run than go to a concert, he invited her running at a later date. When Robin pointed out she believed he was reconfirming his freedom in response to the pregnancy scare, he tried to soothe her jealousy by suggesting a romantic getaway immediately following the Lifebeat concert.

I'm been putting up with Layla on Night Shift by reminding myself it is an alternate universe and her interference in my favorite couple's relationship is short lived and will be gone when that series ends. Seeing her roaming GH's halls during the days irritates me, especially when she puts the moves on Patrick and he's too dumb to see what she's up to.

While discussing Liz with Spinelli and later Emily, Jason allowed himself to entertain the idea of actually perusing a future with her. When she called and asked him to meet her at the lookout, he was unaware she had just been threatened by two goons in the park who said they intended to use her and the kids as leverage against Jason.

When Jason arrived at their meeting place, before allowing Liz to speak, he carried on about how much he loves her and how he wants to care for her and her boys. Tearfully she replied that as wonderful as it sounds, she knew he would take it all back when he heard about what just happened in the park. Which he does, amidst being shocked that it was Sam who came to Elizabeth's and the kid's rescue.

At episode's end, Sam paid off the big thugs, congratulating them on a job well done and telling them it's not the police they have to worry about, but Jason Morgan. The fact it was Sam behind the attack didn't surprise me too much. It seemed too convenient for her to be there to play hero. What I don't know is how she's going to explain interacting with the attackers to Lucky who walked up on the scene before the final credits rolled.

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