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As Kate contemplates the charges against her, Sam comes through for Jason and humiliates Ric.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sam Defends Jason, Schemes Against Liz

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Kate in lockup was just as annoying as Kate in the hospital, only not nearly as believable. Like a guard is really going to bring the uber-editor her cell phone and work in exchange for a designer gown. Her high powered NYC attorney was a no-show, but Sonny was able to get Diane to work her magic and get Kate released to his custody.

Back at Sonny's, Kate announced she was going back to Manhattan, which Sonny quickly shot down, reminding her she couldn't leave town. When she tried to opt out to the Metro Court instead, he forced her to face just how much trouble she was in, causing her to break down in tears on his shoulder.

I can't say enough how much I'm getting into this pairing. Kate can stand toe-to-toe with Sonny, but as we are increasingly seeing is also vulnerable. In return, she brings out everything good about the mob boss, including his dimples.

Carly was singing a different tune, nothing but praises for Jax's big, scary brother Jerry. After thanking him for helping her provide the evidence that very well could get Jason acquitted she asked him to bring Jax home. When Jerry began to stumble and falter with his answer, Carly worried (correctly!) that Jerry had no idea where Jax was.

Meanwhile Irina forced Jax into another romp between the sheets by threatening Michael and Morgan this time. In the afterglow, she called Carly who at episode's end heard from the other woman she had just slept with her husband.

Warm up the Jacks' plane Jerry and Carly, you're off to do battle side by side once again, this time against the scary Irina. Though at this point I've seen nothing that would indicate why Jerry was attracted to her in the first place, I do believe when he discovers she's alive we'll begin to see the transformation of Jerry back into someone we, as fans, are supposed to forgive for all his evildoings.

In typical Scrubs fashion, Robin and Patrick were at each other's throats, beginning when she brushed off his attempts at a little morning romance. It escalated when Robin later threw a major fit because the file she was to deliver said only Drake and didn't specify which of the super-neurosurgeons was supposed to get the file. Noah, who was riding the high of his rock star alter-ego, pointed out the fight was petty even for them, but stopped short of giving Patrick relationship advice. Not able to take Robin's difficult attitude – and it was over the top – Patrick confronted her at episode's end. I'm betting he wished he hadn't when her response was (at the top of her lungs, so the whole hospital staff could hear), "I think I'm pregnant."

Though I've been screaming the loudest for a Scrubs' pregnancy storyline, I don't think this is the precursor. It's too big of an issue on the Night Shift right now – and while the two shows seem to be alternate realities, I think we will see a wrap-up of it at the end of the spin-off show before we actually see Robin and Patrick procreate. Though, I am anxious to see if Drake Sr., with his new rockin' lifestyle, will have any thoughts on becoming a potential grandpa.

As they usually do when they are at wit's end, Spinelli turned to Jason and Lulu to Carly for advice. Jason's sage words for Spinelli were to not underestimate the value of trust in a relationship, pointing out that Lulu knows she can trust him like no other. Carly's advice was pretty much a mirror image, reminding Lulu that friends like Spin don't come along very often. In the end, the two were able to clear the air between them.

I'm a bit disappointed Lulu and Spinelli won't be pursuing a relationship, though I'm pretty fond of the potential storyline with Lulu and Logan, especially when Tony Geary returns. Though by creating a rock-solid friendship, I guess the potential is there for the future.

At the courthouse, Ric gave Sam the opportunity to get even with Jason. He told the woman he'd recall her to the stand if she would suddenly remember hearing Jason talking about killing Lorenzo – or anyone for that matter. Sam seemed willing to comply, but once she was on the stand changed her mind and stayed true to Jason, though she got some digs in. All of a sudden, Ric's case against Jason isn't looking so good. (Is anyone surprised at all?) Look for the jury to come back with their verdict on Wednesday's show.

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Soapzone is reporting (at the very bottom of the page) that November sweeps will again see the return of Genie Francis in the role of Laura, this time for the long haul. This is one I'm keeping my fingers crossed on. Just imagine the effects Laura will have both on the Luke/Tracy storyline as well as Lulu and Logan.

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