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Logan and Lulu kiss in the rain, Elizabeth lies about Jake's paternity.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Elizabeth Commits Perjury

On Friday's General Hospital:

Jason's trial was heating up, and it was becoming progressively more evident Ric's case is driven by his deep hatred for Jason and his jealousy over the kinship the man shares with his brother, but we did get a few peripheral storylines on Friday's episode as well.

Having won one date with Lulu in their pool match, Logan took her hiking to an impromptu campsite on Vista Point. As the two talked and shared salsa and beer, it seemed they were opening up to each other and the possibilities. So much so, a downpour couldn't put a damper on their fun. While taking shelter under a picnic table, they kissed.

The chemistry between these two leaps off the screen and despite the strong parallels the writers are drawing between these two and Luke and Laura, or maybe because of them, I'm enjoying watching them. I think the real viewing treat is going to come when Luke returns to find his daughter dating Scott Baldwin's son, though.

Once Carly and Jerry got to Caracas, Carly discovered the infected knife wound on his stomach. While she tried to treat him, the fever got the best of Jerry and he pulled Carly in for a kiss, calling her Irina.

Halfway around the world Irina continued to terrorize Jerry. When threats of torture to himself or a cell mate did nothing to shake his commitment to his wife, Irina threatened to kill Carly if he didn't sleep with her.

While I'm interested to see what happens when Jerry discovers Irina is alive and am enjoying the toying going on between Jerry and Carly there is something very flat about the storyline as a whole. I guess it's the anticipation of the aftermath: Carly and Jax having to work through the fact they were tempted by another. Hmmm, didn't we just go through this with Carly and Sonny?

At the courthouse, Elizabeth admitted that she had slept with Jason last a year ago but perjured herself when it came to answering who Jake's father is. While Jason believes she did the right thing, protecting the child from his enemies, Sam was quick to point out she sealed the secret because if the truth comes out, Elizabeth could be held accountable for the perjury.

Lucky was unable to face Elizabeth in the courtroom and quickly returned home. Nikolas followed and tried to hold his brother up while he dealt with his feelings of betrayal. At the same time, however, Elizabeth collapsed in Jason's arms. A sign of things to come? We'll have to keep watching to see, though it's what I’m betting on, especially when Sam steps up her plan destroy Elizabeth's life, I'm guessing it's going to push her and Jason together.

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Noah and Anna take their relationship to the next level, much to Robin's horror. It also appears the little sip of vodka last week served as a catalyst ending Noah's year plus long sobriety.
  • Kate suffers a snake bite and it is Sonny to the rescue.
  • Cooper finds Maxie and Logan in a compromising position.
  • Jerry's plan to help get Jason acquitted involves proving Alcazar is still alive.

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