Thursday , May 23 2024
Jason's trial is off to a rocky start. Noah risks 392 days of sobriety to impersonate Eli Love.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jason’s Trial Begins

On Monday's General Hospital:

The long-awaited trial of Jason Morgan has begun. How many times is this now? Ric's opening statement painting Jason as a cold-blooded killer seemed to carry more weight than Diane's defense that he and his business partner, Sonny Corinthos, merely import coffee.

When Sam was called to the stand, she answered Ric's questions honestly, though hesitantly. It felt less like she was being malicious than just not perjuring herself. In the cross, Diane came at her with both guns blazing, exposing her past affair with Ric and presenting it as the cause of both Sam's and Ric's need for vengeance. As damaging as Sam's testimony seemed to be, it only looked worse when the judge decided to allow the video footage of the shoot-out to be played as evidence of Jason's skill with a gun.

While Elizabeth waited in the witness room, she was infuriated by Sam's testimony which she watched via closed circuit television. Later, Jason was mistakenly put in the room with her, and after their albeit brief conversation, she renewed her conviction to doing whatever she could to help secure his release.

Strap on the seatbelts, I'm getting the feeling this trial is going to be a long monotonous ride, though it probably seems even more so when it's a pretty safe bet Jason will somehow be exonerated.

When Noah, dressed in Eli-like clothes, asked Patrick to cover for him with a patient so he could attend a meeting at the Metro Court, Robin feared the meeting was between the sheets and with her mother. When she questions Patrick on the appeal of the rock star life, he admits it would be very exciting and wonders what it would be like to be adored and wanted by so many woman; he counters it with the fact he would never give up what they have to find out about it, though.

Noah wasn't meeting Anna, in fact he was left to go it alone with a concert promoter who became suspicious when Eli wasn't as giving and generous with fans as he is known to be. After the promoter left, Bobbie found Noah staring at the drink in front of him and the two talked about his sobriety and what he is risking by stepping into Eli's life. After she left to go warn Patrick she fears he is going down a dangerous road, Noah left a message with his sponsor to call him. As he hung up, the waitress delivers yet another drink from the fan he had been less than accommodating with earlier. In an attempt to make up for before, he invited her to sit with him only to find himself backed against the wall and forced to drink from the glass.

As nice as it was to see Bobbie again, any chemistry between the two felt forced (though I have to admit I was never a big Bobbie and Noah fan, even way back when). It left me hungry to see more of Noah with Anna and I'm hoping she sticks around long enough for the romance to be fully explored.

When pressed by Logan, Lulu told him she didn't want to pursue a relationship anymore and admitted she was influenced by a warning from Cooper. Logan lashed out and attacked Cooper, and when Lulu stepped in to tend to his cuts and bruises, Logan ran off to warn Maxie that Cooper was falling for Lulu, playing on the girl's jealousy. Not only childish, but boring. Can we get past the schemes and jealousy and onto Logan and Lulu making a go of it?

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Ingo Rademacher returned from vacation as we learn Jax has been captured. Jerry learned that his contact had lost his brother and flew into a rage. What he doesn't know is Jax is being held by his one time lover who he believes is dead, Irina. Irina is set on getting revenge on Jerry for his betrayal through Jax, who is unaware of her past relationship with his brother.

Ric took great joy in playing the video of Jason shooting his attackers, over and over and over again, once in slow motion while Carly schemed, whined, and lied to try and get herself into the closed courtroom, all without success — though she did take a brief moment out to threaten Sam with revenge for turning on Jason.

Ric offered Jason a deal. If he pleads guilty to second degree murder he'll serve twenty years in prison, but Ric won't put Elizabeth on the stand and expose all the details of their past summer fling and won't call Jake's paternity into question. The preview for Wednesday's show contained footage of the trial progressing, so I'm assuming Jason is going to tell him where to stick his deal.

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