Monday , April 22 2024
I love Lost, I really and truly do.

Lost Goes Head-to-Head with The Celebrity Apprentice

Ah Lost, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…

First, the intricacy of the plot amazes me.  In a world in which so many shows seem to operate on an episode-by-episode basis, where things seem to be invented from week to week and new links to old stories that don't really work are magic-ed into existence, I feel as though you have actually thought through in advance what you want to happen.  I know that sometimes that's not always the case, external factors are always a concern, but you guys seem to have it all planned out and I appreciate that. 

Second, you actually seem to answer questions in the series.  I know that it's true that you haven't answered the huge underlying questions of the series, and I actually don't hold out much hope for a nice pat resolution, but you have answered a ton of questions.  In season one everyone wanted to know what was in the hatch.  Now we know.  You've answered questions about the Dharma Project and The Others too.  Certainly we don't know all there is to know yet, but we're heading in the right direction.  Even better though, you've answered the little questions too, or at least pointed us in the right direction.  For instance, last week I most wanted to know why Faraday couldn't remember which cards from a deck he had just been shown.  Then, last night, you gave us the whole Desmond becoming unstuck in time thing and Faraday in the present sent him to see Faraday in the past.  Faraday in the present seemed not to know Desmond however, leaving me with the notion that Faraday has done something to himself to destroy his memory and doesn't remember having done it (hence the playing cards thing from last week).  Very cool.  Very well worked out.

Third… well… there are so many more things I could say, so much more I could talk about, but I think it all boils down to the fact that you, the producers, seem just as invested in the series as I do.  It seems as though as much fun is had coming up with single- and multi-episode arcs as I have watching them.  The series isn't just coasting, and I love that. 

There are so many other shows on TV, shows that air opposite Lost, that just don't feel that well put together, that well thought out.  So, while I continue to watch something like The Celebrity Apprentice, I never really have the sense that the producers are trying to do much more than combine corporate sponsorship with some sort of task for the teams.  Sure, it makes for some good episodes here and there, but there is such a capriciousness about the oustings and so little logic behind them, that I never really get the sense that there is a bigger picture (other than which person should stay to boost ratings) at work.

Okay, maybe it's not quite fair to compare a reality show with a scripted drama.  Both have their good points and their bad, but that's what I watched last night, so that's what's on my mind, and these are, of course, my TV Nights

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