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Alas, as with all shooting stars, they peter out.

Knick Knacks: Linsanity Is Running Out of Gas

The climate in New York is not good these days for Knicks fans, who are coming down off an artificial high created by Linsanity, the amazing celebratory crush of excitement that involved Jeremy Lin’s shooting star. Alas, as with all shooting stars, they peter out, and you are left with the same dark sky filled with many other stars that are still shining.

We Knicks fans should have known better, but we were caught up in the tidal wave of Linmania, unable or unwilling to admit it would ever ebb. We didn’t want to think about the fact that it was a short period of time, in the absence of Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, and that when they returned and the team played more challenging opponents, that the Lin fire would die down.

Right now Lin looks like at best an average player. Other teams have been watching him, scouting him, and figuring out his game. He still fits into the Mike D’Antoni theory of things (outscore your opponents by taking as many shots as possible), but that doesn’t solve the continuing defensive problems (magnified when Tyson Chandler is not in the lineup). Lin is clearly not a defensive player, and we can wonder if he ever will match the type of play that caused Linsanity in the first place, or if he will just settle down and be that average player – for the rest of his career.

I still keep thinking that Lin’s talent and personality will win out, that he will rise to become a much better player again. He will never be a Kobe Bryant type talent (or even a Carmelo Anthony), but he could still surprise us and that is something to look forward to for Knicks fans.

All you have to do to know Linsanity is running out of gas is to watch the games, or you can ask some of my fellow Knicks fans, or better yet some of the kids who know what’s going on. When my nephew was asked if he wanted a Lin jersey for his birthday, the reply was a firm “No thanks.” He would take a Stoudemire or Anthony one though. Enough said about Linsanity, at least for now.

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