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Johnny Cash, Legendary Man In Black, Dies

Johnny Cash died early this morning in Nashville. As Dean writes, the official cause was complications from diabetes, but we all know he just didn’t have the strength without June – some love songs are sung with life.

Although he couldn’t have been more contemporary, winning a Grammy (his eleventh) this year for best male country vocal performance on “Give My Love to Rose,” he was also old as the hills at 71 – his body had been giving out on him for several years:

    Cash had been released from the hospital Wednesday after a two-week stay for treatment of an unspecified stomach ailment. The illness caused him to miss last month’s MTV Music awards, where he had been nominated in seven categories.

    Cash had battled a disease of the nervous system, autonomic neuropathy, and pneumonia in recent years. [AP]

We have celebrated Cash quite a bit over the last year – there is much to celebrate. Rest well, Man In Black:

Johnny joins June Carter Cash in Jackson
I find myself today blasting “Jackson” in celebration of Johnny and June’s reunion.
Posted in Blogcritics on September 13, 2003 04:49 AM

Johnny Cash Mastermix
Here is the track list for the approximately 77 minute Johnny Cash Mastermix I compiled.
Posted in Blogcritics on September 13, 2003 03:04 AM

The Man in Black Finally Finds Peace
What a horrible week for legendary musicians. What a horrible week for anyone who cares about their fellow man. I don’t think I have seen a smile on anyone’s face in days. On Monday when I found out that Warren…
Posted in Blogcritics on September 12, 2003 09:35 AM

A cold, wild wind has come – The ‘Man in Black’ Johnny Cash dead at 71 – Sep. 12, 2003 Johnny Cash was probably one of the first musical sounds I ever heard. He was the staple of my dad’s repertoire. The lead to “Folsom…
Posted in Blogcritics on September 12, 2003 08:05 AM

Johnny’s Blues: A Tribute to Johnny Cash
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about The Man in Black’s remarkable career, and the key to his longevity, is his elemental relationship with so many strands of American roots music: country, western, folk, rockabilly, even blues – Johnny Cash is…
Posted in Blogcritics on August 11, 2003 01:24 PM

The Queen is dead
Sad news: LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Singer-songwriter June Carter Cash was born into country music royalty and went on to marry Johnny Cash after writing about her forbidden passion for the Nashville hellraiser in the classic song “Ring of Fire.”…
Posted in Blogcritics on May 16, 2003 01:40 PM

“Hurt” for Real: Johnny Cash has Pneumonia
The amazing Johnny Cash – at a highpoint in his, what?, fifth career with American lV: The Man Comes Around – is suffering from pneumonia: Johnny Cash is being treated at a Nashville hospital for pneumonia, a hospital spokeswoman said….
Posted in Blogcritics on March 15, 2003 02:38 PM

Johnny Cash- Hurt
My journey to find the music video.
Posted in Blogcritics on March 12, 2003 07:23 PM

The man himself
Johnny Cash is such a complete man. He is the prototypical all-American male. He out John Waynes John Wayne, is more rugged than Clint Eastwood, has more class than Frank Sinatra, makes Ronald Reagan look like a flag burner, cares for the downtrodden and exploited more than Michael Moore and is no less faithful than Billy Graham.
Posted in Blogcritics on March 8, 2003 11:22 PM

Johnny Cash – American IV: The Man Comes Around
With so many older rockers putting out albums, it’s time for a true Legend to show them how it’s done. Ladies and gentlemen, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash…”
Posted in Blogcritics on March 8, 2003 09:21 PM

Cash, Johnny Cash
It’s the singer, not the song. You want proof punk? It’s right here with Johnny Cash singing a Nine Inch Nails song (quicktime video 42 mb)….
Posted in Blogcritics on January 18, 2003 02:13 PM

The Complete Live at San Quentin
Today I bought something I’ve been meaning to buy for a long time. Now I’m kicking myself for not buying it a lot sooner. It’s one of the best live albums I’ve ever heard–and I’ve heard quite a few.
Posted in Blogcritics on January 10, 2003 06:03 PM

Ten CD’s I Keep On Hand At All Times
1. American Recordings, Johnny Cash. Last night, with a sick baby girl, I packed her up in her car seat and took her for a drive. For all the nonparents, or soon to be parents, this really does work. I…
Posted in Blogcritics on November 7, 2002 03:25 PM

Johnny Cash on NPR
Johnny Cash is 70 and his voice is getting a little shaky, but his spirit is strong and his musical reach is perhaps wider than any other major performer in popular music. Morning Edition has interviewed Cash the last two…
Posted in Blogcritics on November 6, 2002 09:57 AM

Kindred Spirits
I love free stuff. As you know, most of my record reviewing comes from forays to the local Borders, where I sip on a vanilla latte and sample the albums. It sounds sad at first, but I’d rather spend my…
Posted in Blogcritics on October 17, 2002 01:58 AM

UPDATE: This just came in from Kris Kristofferson

    Johnny Cash has always seemed larger than life to me. He is a true American hero, beloved the world over as much for his kindness and compassion and championing of the underdog as for the power of his art. He’s been my inspiration, my faithful friend, my champion – a constant oasis of unconditional love and support. His fierce independence and free spirit, balanced with his love of family, children and his fellow man, will stand as a shining example of the best of what it means to be human. And he was damned funny, even in the darkest times.

      “I love you, John
      In the cold and Holy darkness
      You were always shining brighter than a star
      God bless you, John
      For the love and joy you’ve given”

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