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Jack White Marries Model Elson, White Stripes Album Due Next Week

White Stripes singer-songwriter- guitarist Jack White, 29, married model Karen Elson, 25, in a ceremony officiated by a shaman in a canoe at the confluence of the Rio Negro, Solimones and Amazon rivers in Manaus, Brazil. Just to make sure, this ceremony was followed by a blessing by a Catholic priest at a local cathedral.

Elson — a remarkably tall, thin and pale model for Prada and Banana Republic among others — is also featured in the stylized, gothic new White Stripes music video to “Blue Orchid,” in which she teeters about on spike-heeled ballet slippers, encounters snakes and a horse, and eats a bleeding apple.

In the tense, brief riff-rocker — the first single off the Stripes’ Get Behind Me Satan album, released by V2 June 7 — Jack, who is beginning to look a lot like Johnny Depp, inquires in a disembodied falsetto, “how old are you, anyway?” while drummer Meg White thrashes with her ususal abandon.

Meg was also the maid of honor at the wedding. Though Jack and Meg claim to be brother and sister, they were in fact married from ’96-’00, which makes their musical relationship, and evidently, friendship, all the more bemusing.

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