Friday , April 19 2024
When you have fame and money, who needs a brain, a personality and proper perspective?

“It’s Good To Be A Vapid Greedmonger”

I watched the It’s Good To Be ______ (fill in the blank rich person)show that E!/VH1 stole from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and this one was on the Hilton Sisters . In my entire life I have never come in contact (not even through television) with two more vapid, insular, selfish, conceited, clueless, shameless, ostentatiously wealthy, unrelentingly callous to the plight of the upper middle class and utterly unaware of the actual working class and below, individuals EVER. They alone, are the 8.2% increase our economy is enjoying. Indeed, famous for the sake of fame is a GOOD, GOOD thing.

These two girls were so unremarkable in every way down to their grotesquely malnourished frames, as to not be worthy of a second look. But WAIT, they can afford to have their makeup and hair professionally done, their misshapen heads contoured and their gaunt appearances draped in expensive clothes to GIVE the appearance of beauty. And we as a society reward them by calling them beautiful.

You know who’s beautiful, I mean actual beauty, grace, possessing goodwill, nourished on real life, intelligence intact, and has the ability to relate to those less fortunate than themselves? Well, I can think of dozens of people, my stepdaughter to name one, my mom, my mother-in-law, my Lily, the lady I baby-sit for, my neighbor, my friends, pretty much every single person OTHER than these two nitwits.

I shake my head, I roll my eyes and I say “What on earth is wrong with the world that this kind of assholish like behavior is rewarded?”

You know, it’s really not fair that criminals prey on the average person at large, when society could really benefit from selective picking and choosing of victims. Who would lose if Paris or Nicky Hilton were mugged, robbed or whatever? Her parents? Now those are two people who SHOULD be publicly humiliated for doing such a piss poor job at raising their daughters to be vacuous bitches who say things like (and I quote) “We look hot, I mean I am not trying to be conceited here, but we look really hot.”

Yes, Paris, you do – and you will look really hot when your soul is burning in hell for all of eternity for being a greedy, selfish, thoughtless dumbass.

Be sure to watch Paris “livin’ the simpler life” on her new TV series The Simple Life (on Fox no less) as she and daughter of Lionel Richie and known-heroin-user, Nicole Richie get to slop to the hogs and shove their hands up cow’s asses for fun. I CAN’T WAIT!

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