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Is "Once Upon a Time" ignoring its core characters in favor of "Frozen?"

Is ‘Once Upon a Time’ Freezing out Some of Its Core Characters?

One of my biggest worries for this season of Once Upon a Time was that the addition of the Frozen storyline would translate to much less screen time for the series’ central characters. I find no better evidence for that than the two deleted scenes released this week by ABC. Episode two, “White Out,” featured about 30 seconds of screen time each for Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle). These two characters have provided the spark for the series since the very first episode.

This was not how the episode was shot, however. Each of the characters had other scenes (each about three minutes long): a scene between Snow and Regina, and a touching scene between Henry and Rumple. Carlyle had spoken about that particular scene in particular when I interviewed him at Comic-Con.Robert Carlyle Rumplestiltskin

I have had the feeling since the season three winter finale that the showrunners aren’t quite sure what to do with Rumple. After dying as a hero, killing Peter Pan (also known as his own father), he is kept caged for most of the Wicked Witch storyline of the second half. Yes, he and Belle have married, and yes, he’s been grieving the death of his son. And yes, he (totally illogically) lies about hanging on to the Dark One dagger. But where is his character going? Is he returning to the dark side? I don’t think he will–not while trying to both honor Baelfire’s memory and stay true (as he can be) to Belle. I adore Rumple and Robert Carlyle, who has so indelibly painted a portrait of a man in conflict with himself. But I almost believe that his heroic ending at the end of the Peter Pan story would have been the best possible ending for his character.

As for Regina, she, too is caught between wanting to be good, and her inclination to be bad. It’s great and fertile territory exploration: our nature to be good while battling the inner demons that drive us to do ill. Each of the characters in the series has had forays into this land–some explored and others left to whither on the vine. Cora’s death at the hand of Snow White is one such opportunity squandered, as the blackness on Snow’s heart has basically been ignored since then.

In any event, I present to you the two deleted scenes. I realize that the show can only run about 45 minutes (sans commercials), so, here we have a little over five minutes of deleted footage. I ask you (and please answer below in the comments): what might have been cut to make room for these two important scenes?

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  1. This sucks arse…. sort of wish they had forgone some of the frozen bit if they plan on killing elsa for the snow queen or kill the snow queen for elsa… one has to go you would think this bit about henry would be so much more important than the other stuff esp. since it was on the panel discussion at comic con (that i missed) rumple was perf in this scene…. the interaction was wonderful and his affection for henry showed… a perf lead in to the sorcerers apprentice bit to come…. i have gone on enough blathering about this come on A&E find a story and run with it dont flippy floppy all over the map

    • Thanks Susan. It was one of my big fears, and here they cut two important scenes from this episode. I know there are scenes cut from every episode (Skin Deep comes to mind), but cutting scenes about two very powerful characters (and especially when their screen time in the episode is next to nothing) really bothers me.

  2. I was so ticked off that they cut these scenes, because both
    were good storytelling and had so much development in these scenes for Rumple
    and Regina. As much as I love Charming, I think his entire story with Anna was not
    that important, because usually the flashbacks mirror whatever struggle they’re
    going through in the present, but he didn’t really need her there to be brave.
    David is brave by nature. It was cool that he learned how to dual with swords
    by Anna, who is a woman (this was awesome), but they could have cut those
    scenes out up until she is given the scroll with Rumple’s name on it. I also
    think, while I loved it, the scene with Snow yelling at Grumpy, Happy, and
    Granny was unnecessary as well. They even could have replaced the scene where
    Hook and Charming barge in demanding that Rumple help them with the Rumple/Henry
    scene. “White Out” was a huge miss for me, and I was, even before it aired,
    really looking forward to the Rumple/Henry scene, and when I found out it was
    cut, it was just a big disappointment.

  3. I’m gonna be honest I’m not entirely surprised that they cut these two scenes…but first let me state that I love both especially the Rumple and Henry one but I would have found it odd that Rumple knowing Henry was ‘down’ (also knowing he had lost a parent lately) struggling with his memories, his old life and with Regina to be followed up by a scene where he doesn’t help Charming and Hook save his grandsons mothers life…and I suppose they could have cut that scene and had Charming and Hook go to Blue (since Regina was upset etc) but Gold is the most powerful magic user and makes the most sense…plus it transitioned into David knowing who Anna was thanks to seeing the necklace photo at the shop.

    As for the Regina scene, Granny already stated that it was Snow’s curse so she was in charge and the mayor…Regina was just restating it…granted it did give a better explanation about the back-up generator. And I thought that not seeing her made that moment with Henry ‘visually and emotionally’ stronger at the end

    Besides the fact that we all have our favorites and that I liked ‘White Out’ (I mean it’s not my favorite but it was solid and I loved the flashbacks) ….the fact that people are upset someone wasn’t featured enough in a Charming flashback episode boggles my mind and was used to set-up Elsa in Storybrooke (and we’ve already been told that the bulk of her story is with Emma)…the first episode was too cluttered balancing everyone and we’re only about to go on the 3rd episode I think it’s a little too early to get the pitchforks out. I’m certainly not going to be complaining during the next Belle or Regina centric that so and so isn’t featured enough…besides this week again looks like the premiere and very balanced.

  4. Unfortunately, Once seems to be increasingly moving away from the character-driven storylines that made so many of us love the first couple of seasons. Cutting these two pivotal scenes is indicative of that. We’ve had little development of Henry’s character, almost no insight into his interior life or how he must be struggling with everything he’s endured for the last 3 years. The Rumpel/Henry scene provided some of that. It also sets up or fleshes out what we’ve heard will be a couple of major arcs this season (e.g., the implications of Henry’s lineage, although why the Dark One curse has any relevance for that is beyond me given that Bae was born before his father took on the curse; Rumpel’s struggling with balancing power and love–the cloak of regret line in the deleted scene was great).

    Similarly, the Snow/Regina scene would have followed up their scenes from Bleeding Through, in which we saw them moving towards a tentative reconciliation. The scene also establishes, much better than the ones left in, that Snow is struggling to balance her new responsibilities. It gives us further insight into why Regina is keeping Henry at arms length and, coupled with the Rumpel/Henry scene, helps us to see that Regina often does the wrong thing for the right reason with potentially-devastating consequences.

    As for what they could have cut? Did we really need more evidence that Hook wants to grow closer to Emma, that he wants to go on a normal date? The premiere already established that. The flashback stuff with Charming and Anna could also have been trimmed to allow the time for the deleted scenes. And Snow’s interactions with Grumpy & Co could have been edited in a way that didn’t make the townspeople look like entitled jackasses incapable of doing anything themselves while still demonstrating that Snow is taking on new leadership responsibilities.

  5. I think and I hope that it’s just a two-episodes thing. I loved the Rumple’s storyline in S3B, even the cage thing. It was something totally new for him, to be controlled. In this season I don’t understand where they want to go with him, but…I’ll wait. I love the Rumple/Belle ship so much and I really hope to see some development. So for now, I’ll be patient.
    Sorry for my english, I’m italian 🙂

  6. They should just get rid of Hook. So much screentime wasted on an usless character who adds very little to the show yet gets tons of screentime that would be better spend on other characters. Reminds me of Blane on Glee. And while I like Will/the Knave, I do not look forward for yet another character the show doesn’t need taking screentime away from characters like Rumple, Regina and Belle.

    • I think they definitely put too much the Hook character everywhere. His character doesn’t make sense. Rumple and Regina are the main characters for me, and they don’t have enough screentime (especially Rumple this season) to even consider a storyline. How do you create a storyline when a character appear 30 seconds? As brilliant as Robert is, if writers don’t give him powerful scenes and script, I think he just should leave OUAT to go where he’d be appreciated.

      • Disagree about Hook! talk about nitpicking on one character. Hook made sense coz he is part of Charmings and Emma. And needed to be there for Emma, to see he is there and not giving up

        • The Hook/Emma storyline is trite and forced. I was and shall always be a hastily crafted appendage to the show that was aimed for a certain audience of shippers. To each their own. As this week’s episode clearly shows, the problem is not Colin’s acting. He was great when paired with Elsa.

          And in reality, the show was missing something when it first started. When it was Charming/Snow centric. It became interesting when what A&E though would be subsidiary characters, Rumple/Gold and Regina/EQ became more dominant. It wasn’t just the stories. RC and Lana Parilla are very good actors. Carlyle is one of the best actors in television/movies. A&E seem to have forgotten that.

    • I’m not looking forward to the Knave coming on either. It would be okay for me if he had a guest spot for a few episodes, he does know Robin Hood after all and may have ties to other characters, but it frustrates me that they made him a series regular. They can say it’s only a contract term all they want, I have no doubt they’re going to push him into a lot of scenes just to have him there. And this during a half-season that already has the Frozen characters and the Snow Queen taking away a lot of screentime from the original characters.

      I would have understood if they’d made Robin Hood a regular, but Will Scarlet seems like a waste to me. And yeah the show wouldn’t suffer a bit if they’d cut Hook’s screentime as long as his only purpose on the show is making puppy dog eyes at Emma. Either give him a reason for being there other than playing the stock bad boy love interest or give us a break of him and use the screentime for other characters who really need it.

  7. I admit I’ve grown tired of Regina, and sadly I think you are right, the writers seem NOT to know what to do with Rumple, which is a shame. The episode was okay, but I was bored during the way too long Charming’s flashbacks, surely they could have cut some of his time or even Hook to give us the touching Henry/Rumple scene. Oh well. I like what they’re doing with Frozen I admit, but not if the result is less screentime of our familiar faces.

  8. I would cut some of the Hook screen time and David’s fight with Bo Peep. I see no reason to give Hook so much screen time and I agree that they don’t know what to do with Rumple. It is telling that the scene that stole the episode was the 20seconds scene with Henry and Regina at the end.

    • All of Hook’s screentime was with someone Charming or Emma, so no there wasnt more Hook, just fair amount.

  9. I really think the endless (seriously, it’s probably still going on) speech that David gives regarding his dad being a drunk could be cut. It added nothing to the character or the episode.

    It’s very disappointing that they have chosen to disregard character moments in favor of plot since season 2. Instead, we get a Big Bad with parent issues come to town to DESTROY YOUR HAPPINESS OMG every single season. Enough already.

  10. Hook, that is only thing I can say

  11. I definitely liked the episode better than the premiere. But I feel that (although I, too, enjoyed the idea of caged Rumple in season 3B, the story line went nowhere. He died a hero at the end of 3A and now what? They’ve sapped Rumple of nearly all his power as a character (not the magic :)). That scene with Henry gave us a glimpse of the powerful, impactful character he had been.

  12. Honestly I was quite upset about the deleted scenes, especially the beautiful Rumple-Henry one. Robert always nails whatever he does with incredible acting (this time too) but it was even an exceptional scene showing how he thinks about himself, his past and regrets, and how he reflects on his on-going redemption arc. As others stated, it could also have prepared his further grandfatherly bonding & master-apprentice relationship with Henry (who sadly has often been used as a mere plot device with his character development unexplored). The Regina/Henry hug would have made even more impact if we’d known about Henry’s doubts and hurt feelings. I think even plotwise it made no sense with the scene erased why on earth Rumple and Belle suddenly appeared in the shop to do inventory right after the RumbelleDance during their honeymoon. Characterwise the Regina/Snow scene was also an important one, pity to cut.

    I agree the Charming/Anna flashbacks could have been much spared. Even the plot was sometimes underwitted (Bo Peep’s huge army consisted of 2 men?, why do alcoholics die simply by going to a tavern?) and the message very-very simple. Hook’s ridiculous trying to pull done an iceberg with a single hook was funny once, but less so the second time. Snow/town people moments were also overrated I think.

    I don’t think it’s an exaggeration that Lana & Robert run the show. I can accept they have to be sidelined sometimes but not when they have 2 meaningful and brilliantly played scenes which are arguably more screenworthy and interesting than the entirety of the episode. And Robert had been foreshadowing this scene so enthusiastically, you can’t just disappoint him and his fans after such advertising…

    • I also understand that characters have to take a back seat to the main action (or not appear at all). I felt the same way in season one with the addition of Aurora and Mulan. But they were not the focus as Frozen will be this season. I hope I’m wrong and will admit it when (and if) that happens. You all should tune in Tuesday night to the radio show Let’s Talk TV Live (you can find it in the right sidebar of the page) to weigh in.

  13. It’s so sad how much this show has declined since season 1. I don’t even know what’s going on with this season! Robert Carlyle and Lana Parrilla were the actors that grabbed me from the start, and they continue to be the best part of the show, but they seem to be pushed aside for more of this Hook and Emma storyline that is getting sooooo old already, and it’s barely even started. (The Frozen stuff is ok I guess…but it’s way too heavy-handed!)

    I really miss seeing Snow White and Regina bonding…I think someone else commented about Bleeding Through, that was such a beautiful episode! And I also really really miss the Emma/Regina/Henry moments. I can’t tell you how many times I ended up crying over those. The actor who plays Henry isn’t the greatest but he’s really cute when he’s with his moms. And I loved the deleted scene with Rumple, I loved how extreme Henry was being…I feel like that’s totally how a teenage boy would act in this situation!!

    But the thing is, they probably kept Regina out of this episode because if she was there, the whole thing would’ve been over in like five minutes because she could melt the ice wall and save Emma. But I honestly would’ve preferred a five-minute episode with that kind of awesome moment (seeing Regina’s inner conflict about being mad at Emma but never actually wanting her to die) over this 45-minute episode that was mostly just fluff.

    It’s like they suddenly started writing the show for five-year-olds instead of the real audience. I don’t think they understand who is actually watching. I know a lot of Frozen fans are young, but they’re not stupid! None of us are stupid! Hopefully they’ll realize that soon and start writing smarter episodes again, or else I don’t see this show lasting much longer…which is a bummer, because it started off so fun!!

  14. I was very disappointed that they left those two scenes out. The viewers knew of the scenes and I’m sure like myself were really interested in seeing them. I understand that the show is only so long and everything can’t always be included. Unfortunately there were other scenes that could have been left out and judging from how I feel about them and from what I’ve been reading, no one would have cared if they had been deleted. The scenes between Henry and Rumple, Regina and Snow showed their concerns and character development. If you want to show the Frozen characters, fine but not at the expense of the OUAT cast.

  15. They could have shortened the Bo Peep stuff easily and still conveyed that Anna had met Charming in the past.

  16. I want snow and charming to go away already. They are just awful. I love how they are always like we don’t need a castle or riches as long as we’re together. Really?! Your awfully quick to to get back to the castle when everyone makes it back to the enchanted forest. How long would it have been until they had “servants” waiting on them on hand and foot? The castle isn’t even rightfully theirs. Prince charming? Not a prince, or charming. His brother was charming and died. David is an identity thief with no right to a throne. Snow has no right either. Regina married her dad making her the queen. Maybe evil but it’s rightfully hers. Snow was just born, Regina actually worked for it. Snow and charming are entitled jackasses who wants the town to bow down to then. They just hide it through smiles and “love”. Regina wants people to bow down too sure. But at least she’s honest about it.
    ……maybe I’m looking too far into this show..

  17. Also. Does anyone have a more fucked up family tree than henry?

  18. I like the episode and what the message was!
    Deleted scenes Regina and Rumple scenes did NOT fit the episode that was talking of NOT GIVING UP. Seeing Regina at the end with Henry was impactful
    Rumple we saw (with his refusal to even help Emma)… but guess what it wasnt his episode

    As for Hook, i like Hook ( IF some ppl are bloody blaming him) – and he is part of the Charming Clan, and with Emma. So he will be treated as someone important in terms of that. it was a Charming centric, we saw more of Charming – rightly so!!!

    Its only been one/two episodes of less of them… where every season we have a backlog of most Regina and Rumple centrics, one episode not focused on them is not too ignorant or cutting them out

    I rather see more of Emma!!!

    • Last season, Rumpel had less screen time than any other regular character (except Belle because the writers seem to forget that she exists most of the time). I don’t think anyone begrudges Charming getting a centric since he hasn’t had one since s1 and has been criminally underused and underdeveloped.

      But Hook is increasingly coming to dominate this show, to its detriment. He simply isn’t interesting or complex enough–unlike Regina or Rumpel–to ground multiple episodes. If the show continues to shove Hook into every storyline, whether he fits organically or not, they should just change the name of the show to Once Upon a Frozen Hook and be done with it. At least that way, we’d know exactly what to expect.

    • The Snow and Regina deleted scene fit the episode just fine. In fact it was actually important to explain Snow’s “lightbulb” moment concerning the problem with the town’s lack of power.

      But you seem rather upset that someone could sugggest that Emma and Hook are not the most important thing ever on what is and always has been an ensemble show so… to each their own, I guess.

    • You like more Charming and Snow? To each his own. I find their characters to be the most boring ones in OUAT. And what exactly was the message? To some people, such as myself, satisfying the Emma/Hook shippers at the expense of a cohesive narrative (of the power of love and redemption) which I think, by the way, is a noble underpinning for a show. Instead, the last half of last season and the first episodes of this season has been about Emma and Hook. Hook and Emma. You may complain about too much Rumple and Regina. To some like myself, Robert Carlyle and Lana Parilla have been able to breath life to their characters that make them complex, annoying, wonderful, dreary, lovable, flawed, noble. In other words, their acting made Rumple/Gold and Regina/EQ real. Robert Carlyle is a great actor and this deleted scene shows what the show could be and once was. A great one.

      There was a reason the show turned to Carlyle and Parilla as season one progressed. Not only could they act, they could write better stories and know that their words would be in good hands. Make it Charming and Snow centric? That was probably the plan, but it wasn’t going to plan. Emma and Hook is the redo of that plan. It’s not working out either.

      I almost think there is a great divide in this show. Perhaps people of a certain age prefer great acting and great storytelling (or at least storytelling of a different sort). Whatever it is, this season has not been good. Though I do like Georgina Haig. She is a good actress.

  19. This was my last drop to accept that I have lost all hope in the show.Definitely. This scene of Rumple was an important one. At least at me gave me insight about that part of Rumple that only Belle until now saw, the one that I was begining to think, was her allucination. Was more powerful that he gave but really didn’t gave her the dagger (let’s not gonna talk about that). This was my confirmation of Rumple being decent man, that I like Dearie, was right at support his “redemption”; this charm that he lose, to my eyes, when he betrayed that little part that I thought was his only grace: his love for his loved ones. Second, this was what was needed to erase that poor decision of make Rumple, try to kill Henry. I had no idea at how they were going to sold me that relation with that behind, but this part was what was needed to sold me that like enjoyable and let alone this child with him. Of course they needed to cut it in favour of shove Hook again.

    Now I’m very angry because I tolerated this Hook excess, while they didn’t touched Rumple and my time of Robert Carlyle doing his magic in my Tv. But the last episode of the last season, with the lost memory thing was the alarm for the future: They touched Rumple character and destroyed the base of his character and history, his son-he being father,to shove Hook and his relationship; and again, the last episode, they just showed Rumple to say “your girlfriend”, that was the only intention of all the scene with him. The writers are in disposition, and they did it, of destroy the character and logic development of Rumple to give a blush to Hook.

    The cherry of my cake,the revelation that, what was my only hope, watch Robert Carlyle without being shoved Hook again, goes to nothing. Rumple episode is no more about him, but about Hook and perhaps Rumple.

    I don’t like the character of Hook, don’t be important how much they try to shove me. I don’t like it, and more they try to shove me, less I’m gonna eat it.

    And what A&E are not taking in account is that perhaps Hook is the one of the rating, apparently, but is not ALL the viewers. The viewership is a sum of little parts, and If they keep neglecting the little viewership, I’m not gonna go back, because there is nothing for me: Right now, I can’t watch like Rumbeller because that is a disaster, I can ship it via fanon; I can’t watch like Dearie, because the outrage I felt everytime that a scene that confirms what they did to his character and the lick of Hook blls gonna continue, makes me desperate. My only reason and last to watch, was support Robert work, and just watch Robert Carlyle act, just that, watch him doing his job; but now, they cut the powerful scenes, the ones for why I take the time to sit and watch and tolerate an episode of this show…

    The other worry that is becoming confirmation, they are using Hook face like the only charm of the show to the new people that is watching by first time, and they are not intertwining the reason what the people like me stayed until now, ignoring the disaster that is the show year after year: The charisma of Robert and Lana acting and their grasp of the characters. For me this mean that this is the future of the show, and which they are selling to the viewers that are watching for frozen, is the face of this character and not about the quality that they decided, with prove, CUT of the show.

    The show worked well the first season without Hook. What A&E need to do to stop depending of the face of Hook and shove him in every episode to have rating is stop taking the lazy way with pretty faces and WORK. Give the effort to sit and think what they are writing and characters and give QUALITY.

    I’m worried because I’m super fan of Robert Carlyle, the one that it’s gonna follow him from now in all his works, and I feel between a rock and a hard place, because If I watch from now, it’s gonna be to support him, at Emilie too, but basically him, his work, but someone help me because it’s becoming difficult because this show is not making it easy. If me, like hardcore fan of him feel like that, I don’t want to know how a casual viewer must feel.

  20. I liked the episode and i find watching these episode better and finding about Charming’s courage and belief that we can all learn from then having multiple Regina and Rumple episode where they are pretty much ruining other ppl’s lives… we have had had over 3 season, nice to see something else once in a while… this episode White Out was pretty good if one actually sees what it meant then just time limit or who gets more screen time

    I like them all but my faves are Emma, Hook, The Charmings and Regina. But its nice to have a episode on other characters then just Rumple and Regina (doing the same kinda things)

  21. I’ve watched the show from day 1 for Robert Carlyle’s brilliant portrayal of Rumple/Gold. His presence was sorely lacking in the second half of last season, and so far this season, the same can be said. The two cut scenes were 10 times more interesting to me than anything we saw in episode 2. I see a show that is now trying to cash in on popular Disney themes and a very vocal group of very young fans who are in love with Hook. I watch the show with two other adults who enjoy it, but who are not in love with it. They both thought the first two episodes were boring. Neither has a desire to continue watching. Adam and Eddy have sacrificed fascinating character development for popular, but forgettable, plots and characters. And I agree with everyone who says that Hook is being pushed down our throats. He’s in almost every scene with no apparent purpose other than to try to get into Emma’s pants. And now he’s going to be central to Rumple’s story also. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be watching.

  22. They only care about Captain Swan, and they couldn’t care less about meaningful relationships between other characters. Actually, they really couldn’t care less about other characters at all.

  23. The story would have flowed better if the scene with Elsa coming out of the shop led to a commercial and the show resumed with the Rumple/Henry scene. They could have cut off the Hook being a hero bit significantly. And they could have cut down on the Ann/David scenes. And if they’re going to give me a lame hero against an army scene (two guards, really????), cut that out too. The Regina/Snow scene together was much better than the Snow turning on the generator scene. Had they showed that deleted scene and cut down the Grumpy protesting too much scene (the power just turning on, for example), it would have been a better show. Alas, the showrunners are hell bent on giving us Hook and nothing but Hook. And some Emma. And a dash of Charming. For me, this season has been tiresome. Although I have to admit that as far as eye candies go, you could do a lot worse than Georgina Haig. She is a good actress. As for Anna. Can she stay lost?

  24. Barbara, I have to say it. Georgina Haig would be a great Emma.

  25. Regina and Rumple are excellent characters that they definitely don’t know what to do with now, but the show was veryyy much centered around them in the beginning. Same with Snow and Charming. They are characters the show was built on, but now that a lot of their stories have been shared, they are taking a back seat and provide a comfortable foundation. While I’m excited to see Regina and Rumple both trying to be good – Regina to be worthy of Henry and Robin Hood’s love (despite him staying with his wife) and Rumple for Bae and Belle, but it makes sense that this isn’t what episodes are centered around. As for Snow and Charming, they got their happy ending, and again are there as a familiar foundation for the show. I don’t mind their domestic scenes to break up the constant fight against evil, it acts to remind us what this is all for, the end goal. As for Hook, I think he is an excellent character, well acted, a great mix of sexy and sweet, tortured and confident, he really embodies what Once is about, that not everyone is so black and white, good and evil, everyone has a past, everyone has done things, but deserves a second chance and to fight for the things they love and believe in. Him and Emma have great chemistry and I think between them, Hook and Rumple, Hook and Emma’s parents, Hook and Henry, the writers have a ton to work with. Let’s be honest, Emma has had little to no love story. Which is great actually, because rarely does a main character go without one. Her focus has been Henry and her parents and being the Savior. So I’m okay – more than okay, with her getting a love story in the fourth season and I think Hook is a good choice to give us funny, sexy, sweet scenes. She has bested him a hundred times and he believes in her, I can’t really picture a better sidekick for her. As for Will Scarlett, while I loved his character in Wonderland, I feel like we already have our fill of bad boys with hearts of gold with Hook and Robin and even Rumple at times. It just seems like the same character taking up more screen time.