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As Chuck changes, Chuck changes. But is change a good thing?

Is Chuck Moving in the Right Direction?

I am worried about Chuck.  Not so much Chuck (although I do worry about him too), but about Chuck.  It's not that I don't think this season has been fantastically wonderful and amusing and that I haven't liked all the developments as they've played out (particularly last night's episode even if it was pretty clear where everything was headed).

Here's the thing – Morgan in now officially on Team Chuck, General Beckman put him there.  Awesome already knows Chuck is a spy, Morgan knows Chuck is a spy and is on the team – how long before Ellie, Lester, and Jeff find out?  How long before the rest of Burbank knows that Chuck is a spy?  At some point doesn't the circle get too large?  At some point doesn't the Ring say to itself "hey, everyone in all of Burbank is acting awfully fishy?"  It almost feels as though they're heading to that point that relationship-based sitcoms and dramas often hit where everyone has slept with everyone else, no matter how ludicrous the notion once seemed, and that isn't a good thing.

The truth of the matter is that I'm well and truly torn.  I don't feel like Chuck has yet hit the point where it's just plain silly- I don't.  But, I feel it looming in the distance and I feel Josh Schwartz and everyone else over there at the series must also sense it.  Are they going to be able to back off its arrival?  How can they even accomplish such a feat?  Are they going to have Morgan get his memory wiped?  Obviously that's a possibility within the world of Chuck, but is that a good one, is that one that fans would actually want to see?  I can't imagine that it is.

One of the best things about Chuck, for me, was seeing this guy balance his regular life with his new-found spy one.  That seems to be gone.  Virtually everyone who surrounds him now – at least the folks he seems to want to surround him – are either spies or are aware that he is a spy. The balancing act is gone.

Yet, I think all fans of the series can admit that last night's episode was fantastically fun and amusing.  Even the stuff that may mean trouble down the line for the series – like Morgan's being placed on Team Chuck – was great to see unfold.  Perhaps that means that I'm not giving the producers of the series enough credit.  Perhaps it means that they've got a plan completely worked out to keep it awesome.  Again, I just can't imagine what that plan would be.

In short, and I really am going to keep this brief, the series seems to be walking a very fine line.  The progression that has taken place has been completely natural within the rules of the world as established on the series, and yet, if they continue much further the very setup of the entire show will have altered.  The one thing I really didn't like about last night's episode was Chuck leading the assault team to try to rescue Sarah – that's not the Chuck I want to see, but that seems to be the direction in which the show may be heading. 

How do you draw the line and stop it from going too far?  It takes a wiser mind than mine to answer that question.

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