Friday , July 19 2024

Iron Maggie Kicks Ass on Merde-Peddlers

Margaret Thatcher speaks in New York:

    Baroness Thatcher was speaking at a meeting of Atlantic Bridge, an Anglo-US free market think-tank set up by Liam Fox, the Shadow Health Secretary. Her audience included Michael Ancram, the deputy leader of the Conservative Party, and Michael Howard, the Shadow Chancellor.

    ….Lady Thatcher said: “For years, many governments played down the threats of Islamic revolution, turned a blind eye to international terrorism and accepted the development of weaponry of mass destruction. Indeed, some politicians were happy to go further, collaborating with the self-proclaimed enemies of the West for their own short-term gain – but enough about the French. So deep had the rot set in that the UN security council itself was paralysed.”

    She spoke of her pride at the way Britain stood by America over Iraq: “Our own Prime Minister was staunch and our forces were superb. But, above, all, it is President Bush who deserves the credit for victory.”

    ….Lady Thatcher warned that America and Britain faced “a pervasive culture of anti-Westernism” that needed to be challenged. “There are too many people who imagine that there is something sophisticated about always believing the best of those who hate your country, and the worst of those who defend it.” [Times Online]

Rap on, woman. What is the source of this reflexive self-hatred and distrust? I say hold your government accountable for its actions – force your government to be as transparent as possible, against its will if necessary – but always assuming the worst isn’t some form of “neutrality” or “realism”: it’s just paranoia.

And about the French: please don’t hand me that stale vichyssoise about owing them for our existence – in the latest century their conduct regarding the Islamic world, and in particular Iraq, has been the lowest form of hypocritical, self-serving posturing and situational non-ethics, and they deserve to have their asses kicked down several boulevards for it.

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