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"I've always enjoyed storytelling," says actor Scott Kyle, who serves as Manager/Artistic Director at the Regal Community Theatre.

Interview with ‘Outlander’ Actor Scott Kyle

Photo of Actor Scott Kyle
Scott Kyle (Credit: John Cooper)

Among his many stage, film, and television credits, Scott Kyle is perhaps best known for his role as Ross on the hit series Outlander. He is currently the Manager/Artistic Director of the Regal Community Theatre in Bathgate, a town located in West Lothian, Scotland. In March 2017, Mr. Kyle received the Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Regal Community Theatre Bathgate Ltd.

When did you decide that you wanted to be an actor?

I’ve always enjoyed storytelling, but it was in my twenties when I seriously looked at acting as a possible career.

What was it like to work on Outlander?

Working on the show was a dream come true. The cast and the crew were amazing to work with and very generous on and off camera.

Is there a scene you really enjoyed filming with the cast/crew?

Hard to pick one scene, as I loved them all. There were so many amazing moments. Hopefully I get the chance to do more at some point in the future.

What are the challenges in running a community theatre?

The challenges in running a community are endless! [Laughs] Every year, the theatre has to fight to survive. This year, without the support of the Outlander fans, I honestly believe the theatre would have closed.

How are you feeling after the recognition you received at the Pride of West Lothian ceremony?

I was very surprised to receive the award as I did not expect to be recognized. I was there to present an award, not accept one. [Laughs]

Which avenues or projects do you hope to expand into following this success?

I hope to make a big announcement in the coming weeks and months about my future and my plans for the next stage of my career.

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