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Interview with Julie Ann James author of "Irish Jewel".

Interview: Julie Ann James – Author of ‘Irish Jewel’

"The intrigue, the mystery and the danger Amy will find herself in will captivate the readers."
“The intrigue, the mystery and the danger Amy will find herself in will captivate the readers.”
Julie Ann James lives in Sarasota, Florida. Her passion for words came at an early age and has inspired her to literally plant seeds all over the globe. She is the founder of the Peppertree Press book publishing company and The Pepper Tree Literary Magazine, an avid public speaker, a published children’s author and novelist.

Congratulations on the release of your latest book, Irish Jewel. When did you start writing and what got you into mystery writing?

A writer since I was ten years old, it seemed only natural that I would continue writing as an adult. I started out like most writers submitting short stories to magazines, hoping for that byline and then venturing off into creating children’s book stories for early childhood level. After becoming a publisher, I was surrounded by amazing talented writers and challenged myself to write a novel. My first book, Haunted Echoes was a paranormal mystery and from that book forward, I was hooked. I am in the process of writing my third novel and the fourth is swirling around in my head, getting ready to put pen to paper.

What is your book about?

Irish Jewel is about a young executive woman who meets the love of her life on a business trip. Amy Reid, about to turn 29 falls in love with her soul mate, Michael Cambridge. He is handsome, charming, and extremely wealthy and well known by all that live in the heart of the antiquated and historical Dublin, Ireland. He sits in the power chair as the CEO of a jewelry store chain called Irish Jewel passed down from his father and his father before him. She says yes to his proposal and then they plan a destination wedding in Dublin.

It doesn’t take long before her dreams of becoming Mrs. Michael Cambridge take a turn for the worst and the deep dark family secrets that were once buried in the Ireland dirt come to the surface for all to see. The intrigue, the mystery and the danger Amy will find herself in will captivate the readers and leave them with an unforgettable ending right down to the last word.

What was your inspiration for it?

I had an opportunity to travel to Dublin Ireland and even though I was writing another novel at the time, I was truly inspired by this beautiful country and the idea simple popped in my head. The antiquated cemeteries, the architecture and the overall history in Ireland was breathtaking. I ended up putting away the novel I was working on and writing the premise to Irish Jewel while on the plane.  It is interesting as I typically come up with the title first and then the idea and that seems to work for me best.

What type of challenges did you face while writing this book?

There were a few challenges along the way, however the most prevalent would be not having enough time to write and not writing this novel fast enough. I realize now that you have to let it flow and can’t force the ideas. However, a writer should be ready to let it flow out of them when it hits and they will know that moment, believe me. There were a few times that I had to place it on the shelf for while and come back with fresh ideas. It would be my goal to write and publish a novel once a year, with a children’s book in between.

Many writers experience a vague anxiety before they sit down to right. Can you relate to this?

Yes, I can so relate. Writing should come naturally and not be forced. When that happens it is perfectly normal and its okay to put your pen down. I think, for me personally, the anxiety would be to not write fast enough- in a sense of taking it from my head, to notes to the typewriter keys.

Do you have a writing schedule? Are you disciplined?

I would say I am not a disciplined writer, however would love to strive to be. Between working, publishing others and the thing we call “life” sometimes gets in the way. But when I do write, I prefer to write at night. Since I am a night owl, I start writing around 9 pm and will typically write up until midnight or when I am finished and happy with a chapter. The television might be on, as the background noise helps me in some way stay focused and on track.

What do you love most about the writer’s life?

I love the challenges that writing brings to me on a daily basis. I love the creativity and the possibility of moving my characters in between the pages, and creating their lives that might just parallel with my own or perhaps someone I know. There isn’t a time that I am not thinking about writing or taking my characters to the next level. It is truly a dream come true for me as a writer and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where is your book available?

Irish Jewel, along with all of my titles, are available through the online venues such as:, Books a  Million and Barnes and Noble.

What is your advice for aspiring authors?

Always read your words out loud. If someone is willing to listen, then read it out loud to them. If you stumble over your words, then your readers will stumble as well. As corny as this sounds, I would say write what you know and write it from your heart. Don’t worry about staying in order as far as chapters. If a chapter comes to you that is further down in your book, let it flow and just place it between the pages later.

What has writing taught you?

Writing has taught me so much and given me so much confidence as a person. I feel the more I write the better I get. I cannot imagine not picking up a pen or clicking the keyboard on my laptop. Something about that sound is so soothing.

Cover art published with permission from the author.

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