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If I have to pick a disgraced former-mayor from Ohio, I’ll take Jerry Springer

Deranged demagogue Dennis Kucinich.


    A federal judge yesterday threw out a lawsuit that sought to bar President Bush from launching an attack against Iraq without a congressional declaration of war.

    …. U.S. District Judge Joseph Tauro ruled the case could not go forward without “clear, resolute conflict” between the executive and legislative branches. U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland, one of the plaintiffs, said he was disappointed in the decision and plans to appeal. []

Dig those frivolous lawsuits jamming up the courts.


    He thinks he is running for president. And he made his intentions official Wednesday, filing a “statement of candidacy,” 24 years after a tumultuous two-year term as mayor of Cleveland left his political career in ruins.

    In Iowa, he captivated some Democrats and bemused others with his passionate stand against war with Iraq and his populist social agenda reminiscent of the Great Society.

    ….Kucinich preached “new deal economics”: government-sponsored public works programs to create jobs, a single-payer national health insurance plan, and protection of Social Security from Wall Street overtures. His first act as president, he said, would be to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement and quit the World Trade Organization.

    ….To an audience member who asked whether he was leery of resorting to class warfare, Kucinich replied jauntily: “If this is class warfare, then, folks, we lost it.”

    ….He told questioners his thinking had evolved on abortion where, he said, his six-year record in the U.S. House generally “can be described as pro-life.” He said he would still work to make abortions less likely, but as president would support a woman’s constitutional “right to choose.” []

Yes, that is certainly what we need: an – until very recently – pro-life, paleo-liberal, class warfare populist, protectionist, anti-war munchkin with one of the most irritating urban-Midwestern accents you could ever hope to avoid. If I have to pick a disgraced former-mayor from Ohio, I’ll take Jerry Springer.

But much worse than any given misbegotten policy, is his willingness, indeed eagerness, to pander to his perceived constituency. For someone this liberal to have been pro-life until about five minutes ago, his policy most likely derived from his Catholic faith – a fundamental touchstone one might think. But no, since most old school liberals are staunchly pro-choice, he just tossed that inconvenient little notion out unceremoniously and said his thinking has “evolved.”

But if forsaking one’s religion for the sake of expediency isn’t bad enough, his dissembling, incoherent stance against war with Iraq is the icing on the crapcake, as noted by Richard Cohen in the Washington Post:

    it was particularly shocking, not to mention refreshing, to hear Richard Perle on Sunday call Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) a liar to his face.

    ….Moreover, Kucinich himself seemed only momentarily fazed by Perle’s sharp right to his integrity and went on, indomitable demagogue that he seems to be, to maintain that the coming war with Iraq will be fought to control that nation’s oil. Kucinich, a presidential candidate, has made this charge before, and when Tim Russert asked him on “Meet the Press” to back it up, here is what he said:

    “I base that on the fact that there is $5 trillion worth of oil above and in the ground in Iraq, that individuals involved in the administration have been involved in the oil industry, that the oil industry would certainly benefit from having the administration control Iraq, and that the fact is that, since no other case has been made to go to war against Iraq, . . . oil represents the strongest incentive.”

    But it is not true that no other case has been made for war with Iraq. In fact, many cases have been made

    ….Kucinich’s accusation was too much for Perle, a Pentagon adviser and Washington’s uber-hawk. He called Kucinich’s argument “a lie.”

    “It is an out-and-out lie,” he said. “And I’m sorry to see you give credence to it.” But Kucinich, who must have studied logic in France, came roaring back. “Well, if America is not at threat, then what is this about? And many people are wondering: ‘How did our oil get under their sand?’ ”

    A better question is: How did this fool get on “Meet the Press”?

    ….something truly awful has happened. The looming war has already become deeply and biliously ideological. By that I mean that the extremes on both sides — but particularly the war’s opponents — no longer feel compelled to prove a case or stick to the facts. As with Vietnam, this is becoming an emotional battle between ideologues who, as usual, don’t give a damn about the truth.

Sounds like our Dennis.

Glenn Reynolds has in the past particularly enjoyed Kucinich’s Space Preservation Act, which would ban space-based “mind control” devices. No, really.

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