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Moving can be a trying process, but moving across the country, or even a distance of a few states away, can be downright difficult.

How To Make A Long Distance Move More Comfortable

Moving can be a trying process, but moving across the country, or even a distance of a few states away, can be downright difficult. There’s so much to keep track of, and if you’re intent on keeping most of your belongings and furniture under your new roof, you’re going to have a lot to coordinate.

To some extent, there’s no avoiding the fact that this is a hassle. While it’s fun to pick out a new place and stock it with a few new pieces of art, furniture, etc., no one really enjoys the moving process. That said, however, it is a process that can be made more comfortable with a little bit of extra effort. Here are some tips in that regard that you might consider next time your life takes you on a long distance move.

Enlist The Help Of Friends

It’s a pretty common comment among friends: Oh, you closed on the house? Let me know if you need a hand with the move! Most everyone says it, but it’s the kind of offer a lot of us don’t tend to follow up on. Well, the advice here is simple: just follow up on it! Your friends or family members are likely more than willing to help you move, even if it means taking the bulk of a weekend to get the job done. Professional movers are usually the best option, but it can definitely be nice to have a friend along to share in the grunt work.

Ship Your Car Ahead

Trying to manage a car when you’re doing a long distance move can be a pain. You’ll be tempted to fill it to the brim with little things that you’re not really packing properly, and you’ll convince yourself that you have to tack a day (or days) long road trip onto the move. Instead of this, consider making things a little bit easier on yourself. Shipping a car is actually a fairly reasonable option, and you can usually get a clear idea for how much it will cost in advance. This allows you to focus on packing things up and getting to your new home, whether by driving a moving truck or taking a flight or train ride, without worrying about your personal car.

Design Comfortable Wall Art

Not many things make a place feel like home more effectively than artwork. It’s the stuff you see all around your house, and the stuff you get used to as part of home. If possible, you might want to prioritize wall art in your moving efforts. Put it where it’s easy to access as soon as you arrive at your new home, so that you can get it up quickly and start to feel comfortable. Alternatively, however, you can even treat yourself to some new art specifically designed to make the place feel like your own. Custom canvas prints are accessible and affordable these days, and can be made out of family photos, favorite paintings, etc. It’s a nice way to give a blank, empty new home some personality right off the bat.

Splurge On Your New Bed

Just as wall art can make a place look like home, a comfortable bed that you can’t wait to sink down into can make it feel like home. In the weeks ahead of your move you might take the time to browse bed frames, research mattress options, and learn about duvets so as to come up with a new bed that will suit your exact preferences. Having this whole process done when you move (as opposed to pulling the classic move of sleeping on a couch or floor mattress for the first week) can give you a much stronger sense of comfort with the transition. A great bed will make you love your new home immediately.

Plan A Trip Home In The Coming Months

If part of your discomfort with moving is that it’s a bittersweet step to take, don’t worry. That’s how most people feel. There’s something to be said for simply diving into the decision and starting fresh in a new location. But if you’re anxious about leaving friends or family behind and that’s affecting how you feel about the move, you might want to consider planning a trip back to the home you’re leaving in the first few months. It’s a nice way to ensure the transition isn’t too abrupt, and it forces you to remind yourself that with modern travel, it’s never too hard to visit the places we’ve left behind.

Even if you take all these tips into account, you’ll have to go about the strenuous process of packing and moving. But you should at least feel a little more secure and encouraged about that process, and the new home you’re making for yourself.

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