Wednesday , February 28 2024

These Tips Will Make You Happy At Work – I Promise!

Admit it. If you aren’t in the right frame of mind, work can be damn near impossible. There are ways around this though. I am going to give you an outline that is truly a way out of that maze that we are all too familiar with. Enjoy and don’t forget to reap the (monetary) benefits.

1) Write to-do lists. Checking them off will feel like a party. Humans release endorphins upon accomplishing things, even if they are small, like buying a salad. I used to get angry about having to work 40 hours a week just to survive. When you experience the flipside, you realize that it is worse. We are wired to work. Realize there’s nothing to be resentful of.

2) Reward yourself with plenty of rest. This will make you more productive.

3) Count the money you’ll make: If you work X hours, you can buy Y amount of Lush Cosmetics. I think I just died a little.

4) Picture yourself outside of work at work: this works especially well when you’re REALLY stressed.

5) Leave stresses behind. If you focus on work, the rest of the stuff goes away. And when that stuff is bad (break-up, anyone?), this becomes very valuable.

6) Break up the day with snacks. Coffee and chocolate can boost your mood if you’re in a slump. Tell yourself now that you’ve had your coffee, you can conquer anything (it’s true).

7) Cultivate genuine relationships. It’s hard to meet people after college. Work will give you that opportunity. Seize it!

8) Break the rules: Take a nap (are we sensing a theme here?) in the breastfeeding room (or whatever it’s called). Lock the door. Hell, bring a pillow. Take your home vibe to work. If no one knows about it, it isn’t happening. Remember, most things aren’t outwardly noticeable. Maybe hide the pillow.

9) Volunteer your professional services. This way, your brain won’t think it’s all work.

10) Take your sick days and any other flexibility your job will allow. If you have to fake one, feel zero guilt and take full advantage. You’re doing it for YOU.

Life can be hard. Coffee is easy. But it isn’t easy enough. There needs to be more to the (work) system. Although staying productive can be really difficult, having the right frame of mind (it’s re-creatable), will let you leave behind that anxious, antsy part of yourself you (understandably) struggle with so much.

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