Thursday , February 29 2024
Participate in the first of what will likely be many House, M.D. fan tributes as the series prepares to end its eight-year run.

House, M.D. Fans Plan Tribute

Already beginning to go through five stages of grief for the end of House, M.D.? Want to articulate your feelings about the TV series that’s both captivated and frustrated you for eight seasons? Think about participating in The House Project.

What’s The House Project? Thanks for asking! A group of dedicated online fans wanted to create “a fitting and lasting tribute to the show we have all loved and followed for so many years.” They felt that the best way to express their love of the series is to make a fan video. But this is not just any fan video; of course, there are thousands of those already out there on the Internet. No. This will be the ultimate fan video, one that be the combined work of House fans from across the globe, and everyone is invited to participate.

Recording their thoughts about the series on audio in response to a list of questions, fans will be video’s audio track reflecting on what got them hooked on House, what they’ve loved (and hated) about the series, why the show matters to them, and what they’ll miss most when it’s gone from their weekly viewing schedule.

According to the project’s organizers, the video “will be designed to give everyone (even the newcomer) a complete perspective of what House M.D. was. We hope it will attract new watchers, welcome whomever wants to come back, keep the aficionados’ hearts warm, and help the legend begin where the story ended.”

So far House fans from around the globe, from Russia to Germany, New York, and New Zealand have already submitted their reflections, and there is still time to have your thoughts included in the tribute (the deadline for participating is March 1). It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time fan or a newbie—or someone who’d become disenchanted with House somewhere along the way.

The organizers will be launching a new site later this week dedicated to The House Project along with a section on “the best House fanwork ever produced.” Ale (@alehousewife) and Pam (@HouseDailyDose) explained, “we are trying to put together an everlasting memorial site dedicated to the show.” 

You can find the rules and the survey questions at the project’s current website. Submissions must be via audio recording and are due by March 1. The questionnaire doesn’t take long to answer, it’s fun—and best of all, it lets you contribute to what will surely be a noble and lasting tribute to the show that’s kept you talking, arguing and watching for lo these many years.

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