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In honor of the 10th anniversary of the 'House, M.D.' premiere, Blogcritics offers this trip down memory lane.

‘House, M.D.’ Trivia Quiz – Tenth Anniversary Edition

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the iconic television series House, M.D., which ran on FOX from November 2004 through May, 2012, and now lives on forever in the hearts and minds of fans (and on Netflix!). In the name of a little nostalgia, I offer to you a little trivia quiz in honor of the show’s anniversary. This is a quiz I first ran back in 2008, so even if you took it then, enjoy the peek back into House, M.D. history! I will publish the answers later this week! Big clue: This quiz mainly covers the first few years of the series. I will post an updated quiz later this week, which will cover the show’s later seasons.

House, M.D.

Part I: Name That Episode

1. Mention is made of Wilson’s brother.
2. House plays piano (name at least four).
3. House plays guitar (name three).
4. House gets a motorbike.
5. House and Wilson take a spin in House’s Corvette.
6. Cameron runs on a treadmill.
7. House discloses why he became a doctor.
8. House affects a (bad) upper-crust British accent.
9. House harms himself intentionally. (Name three episodes.)
10. Carmen Electra cameos.
11. House loses his department.
12. Chase’s dad dies.
13. We see a picture of Cameron’s dead husband.
14. We meet Foreman’s mother.
15. Wilson moves into House’s house.
16. House faces a judge (name three episodes).
17. House eats cotton candy.
18. House undergoes an MRI.
19. House plans a trip to the Galapagos Islands.
20. House diagnoses mass hysteria.

Part II: House and Music

Music is very important to Dr. House, and he has eclectic tastes. We often see House (and his alter-ego Hugh Laurie) playing or listening to it.

21. Name four instruments that House keeps in his apartment.
22. Name two episodes in which we’ve heard House sing.
23. What type of instrument did John Henry Giles give House as a gift?
24. Name the classical piano piece that House plays on the piano at the end of “Skin Deep”.
25. Name the Oscar Peterson piece House plays at the end of “All In”.
26. Name the piano piece played by House in “House vs. God”.
27. What are two musical pieces House has on his iPod?
28. What’s the first episode in which House played a musical instrument?
29. What brand guitar did house acquire in “Human Error”?
30. What’s the name of the song House played with Dave Matthews in “Half-Wit”?

Part III: The House Soundtrack

The music for the show is often brilliant at evoking the mood of a scene. Name the episode and context for these House musical selections.

31. John Mayer’s “Gravity”
32. “Hava Nagila”
33. Ryan Adams’ “Desire”
34. Elvis Costello’s “Beautiful”
35. Sigmund Romberg operetta The Student Prince
36. Lucinda Williams’ “Are You All Right?”
37. Gomez’ “See the World”
38. Donovan’s “Season of the Witch”
39. Bird York’s “In the Deep”
40. Three Dog Night’s “One”

Part IV: House General Knowledge

41. Name four languages besides English that House can speak or understand.
42. How many times has Wilson been married?
43. How many times (and in what episodes) have patients died?
44. When did Cameron and Chase first get together?
45. How many canes has House had since the first episode?
46. Who is Ingrid and what is her connection to Wilson and House?
47. What are House’s parents’ names?
48. What’s Chase’s father’s name?
49. What’s House’s address?
50. Name one Woody Allen reference in the series.
51. What is Cuddy’s specialty?
52. What is Cameron’s specialty
53. What is Chase’s specialty?
54. What’s wrong with Foreman’s mom?
55. Name the three episodes in which we have seen House’s scar.

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