Sunday , June 4 2023
I am just like you - hopelessly average. Don't kid yourself either, you too are hopelessly average, in fact 99.9% of the world is hopelessly average.

Hopelessly Average

Our pastor gave one of his inspirational sermons this past Sunday (yes, even us crazy liberals go to church) and he summed it all with a quote about late bloomers, the hopelessly average and the gentle-hearted being the message bearer for the Lord.

I am pretty sure he was talking about President Bush, or maybe me, hard to say which.

But I started thinking about what a second term for Bush really means (and don’t all you whacky reds get your undies in a twist), what it really means is that there is ultimately hope for all of us, yes, all of us.

I have spent a grand total of NEVER being or doing anything that even remotely would be construed as important or meaningful – to the world that is.

Sure I do meaningful and important things for my family and my tight sphere of contacts, but I am hardly writing public policy, influencing millions or making changes of the global kind.

I am just like you – hopelessly average. Don’t kid yourself either, you too are hopelessly average, in fact 99.9% of the world is hopelessly average.

Some of us are late bloomers even, and a portion of us are even gentle-hearted.

In fact, President Bush is at least two of the three of those things, and look at where he is today – THE NUMERO UNO HEAD HONCHO OF THE WHOLE ENCHILADA.

I was reading an article in the New York Times today, or as those in the know call it “The Mouthpiece of the Liberal Looney Left” and the article described the President as being emboldened by his “mandate”, his decisive win if you will. He is pretty sure that he is in fact, the mother-effing shizzle to the power of nine.

Rather than being humbled by his win, he has the “wind at his back.”

That made me feel really happy and kind of dizzy with the possibilities that perhaps someday my life will also have meaning, that I too will become an important cog in the wheel of life.

We all must choose to feel that way about ourselves, find passion in our mediocrity, see the silver lining in our cloudy sky – and even if we don’t become President of the free world, we might just make something out of ourselves – hey I am pretty sure that Michael Moore’s mom is very proud.

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