Friday , April 12 2024
Arthur "Bo" Agee Sr., 52, who was featured in the documentary "Hoop Dreams" was murdered in a Chicago suburb

Hoop Dreams’ Dad Murdered

From the Associated Press…

BERWYN, Ill. – The father of a high school basketball player whose life was chronicled in the acclaimed documentary “Hoop Dreams” has been shot and killed.
Arthur “Bo” Agee Sr., 52, was shot Wednesday in an alley located several garages from his own in the western Chicago suburb of Berwyn, his family said.
Arthur Agee Jr., whose high school basketball exploits and life in public housing were the subject of the 1994 film, said he was on his way home for the holidays when he heard the news.
“I’m flying to Chicago and counting the hours until I come back, and my dad is in the alley getting shot,” Agee said Thursday.

Before there was reality TV, there was Hoop Dreams.

I know it does not take a great deal of insight on my part to say this is sad news. But I remember watching this film and I remember being affected by the ‘realness’ of it all. I remember being amazed at the lives the two featured boys were leading… so unlike my own. I was mesmerized.

Nowadays, it is very easy to miss the ‘real’ in reality TV shows. Until you read a story like this. I am mesmerized again. But today, it’s a little different.

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