Sunday , June 16 2024

Have You Given?

Surely by now, no one has escaped the harrowing tales and grim images from the aftermath of Katrina.

Forget the material loss for a moment, the homes damaged beyond repair, debris strewn hither and yon: it can be overwhelming to comprehend the time and energy involved in rebuilding the lives of those who lost so much.

What has touched me are the everyday worries that consume us unaffected folks magnified by imagining myself living in a shelter with hundreds or thousands of other people, perhaps having lost a loved one, or just not knowing what has happened to my friends and family.

We aren’t just talking about those who, as some say, “ignored the warnings” and stayed. What about the million or so who fled and can’t go home because their home isn’t home anymore?

It’s easy to allow this whole issue to become a political one, or one about race, or one about economic divide. But really none of that matters, what really is at stake here is Americans in need: our neighbors, our people. Does it really matter who they are, what color their skin is or if they were rich or poor?

If you are a person with any empathy and can imagine being in their place, all of your belongings ruined, heirlooms gone, pictures destroyed that can never be replaced, extracted from your home through no fault of your own but through an act of nature – or as insurance companies call it – an act of God, then you can understand what was lost.

Right now, almost anyone reading this has Midas’ wealth compared to these people. All we are asking for is a teeny tiny amount of that to be donated to the victims on behalf of Blogcritics – a collective community of people who have much more power in the many than any of us in the one.

Most of the people who have donated have NOT been writers on this site, but generous readers. I saw several listed who gave $100 and one man who gave $360 – and no his name was not Bill Gates.

My own mom, who isn’t what you would call wealthy, gave $50 – that makes our paltry $20 shameful – we will give more as soon as I get paid.

It would be really great if as a community we could send a message to the world that this rag-tag group of opinion makers from all over the political spectrum can come together to donate to our neighbors in a way that is the least painful emotionally, physically and financially.

I could keep pouring on the guilt, and explain in great detail how Lisa Hoover has harassed the hell out of Paypal to get them to waive their fees, been in contact with Red Cross officials to designate EXACTLY were every dime will go, but you are good and intelligent people. I think you just need to be reminded and you will give till it hurts.

Or at least until it stings.

Thank you for helping those who need our help!!

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