Saturday , May 28 2022
"What would you do with $1 million?"

Greed is Good: Discover Card Film Challenge Winners

In a marginally less-forced-than-usual foray into brand-related viral marketing, Discover card is holding a film contest (tres original!) for its “Discover Everyday Giveaway.”

Each day in 2010, Discover is giving away 75 daily prizes, with a daily top prize of $500. Each time you use your card it’s an “entry” in the contest, so use your card to, for example, pay for your parking meter, a stick of gum, donate to the homeless guy under the bridge, and all other financial transactions.

At the end of the year, a grand prize of $1 million will be awarded to some lucky Discoverer, and that’s where the film contest comes in. With “What would you do with $1 million?” as the theme, over 300 filmmakers participated in the contest, with four shorts making the final round.

Genie by J.M. Harper, forces a man to choose between $1 million in cash or true love for someone in the world. He agonizes, then…

In Clouds by Bragi Schut, a father and two young boys speculate whimsically on what they would do with the dough, with their dreams embodied in the clouds.

A man’s pink slip yields origami and riches in
Michael Newman’s Good Fortune.

Matt Pulliam’s Cash or Credit makes it pretty damn clear that the answer should always be “credit.”

If “views” are votes, then Good Fortune is winning in a landslide, but there is still time, so get to “viewing” and don’t forget no one is going to give you a million bucks for paying with cash.

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