Thursday , February 22 2024
Google is under fire on copyright issues

Google Fight Continues

So I’ve been thinking and hearing a lot about Google lately. And admittedly they are my favorite search engine.

But am I the only one concerned about how they are treating authors and publishers? Apparently not according to this piece: Opposition To Google Library Project Intensifies.

Now Google is not completely politically tone-deaf, as it did put the book project on hold temporarily.

But publishers are not satisfied, as demonstrated in this piece:

Sally Morris, chief executive of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP), has warned Google that its “temporary concession” not to scan copyright protected texts held in libraries was “still not enough” and has called on the giant search engine to hold an “urgent meeting” with representatives of all major publishing organisations, in order to work out a ” realistic&#8212and legal&#8212way forward”, reports the Bookseller.

She said that the ALPSP, which represents not-for-profit publishers, had advised its members that they should consider excluding all their publications, after Google said that publishers could opt-out individual titles. “We are also recommending (as suggested by Google themselves) that publishers can protect both in- and out-of-copyright print and electronic works by placing them in the Google Print for Publishers program instead.”

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