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General Hospital bids farewell to fan favorite John Ingle, ushering out Patriarch Edward Quartermaine.

Goodbye To A General Hospital Legend….

This week marks the end of an era on General Hospital. As many in the soap world know, John Ingle (who played Edward Quartermaine since 1993) passed away in September. Just weeks prior to his death, he requested the chance to play the patriarch one last time and the wish was granted. His final scenes didn’t disappoint as Edward unselfishly demanded the virus antidote go to little Emma Drake. It was a touching moment in the history of the show, and the episode ended with Jane Elliott’s fond words to usher out the legendary actor. When news hit that John Ingle died, fans wondered what the powers that be would do. Would they simply recast the role or retire it completely? Executive Producer Frank Valentini and Head Writer Ron Carlivati elected to do the latter. This week, as families gather for Thanksgiving, the Quartermaine’s reunite to pay their respects to Edward.

Tuesday’s episode was tough to watch as it was clear to Monica that Tracy was in denial, having a difficult time coming to terms with the fact her father’s death was imminent. Jane Elliot gave an Emmy-worthy performance, bringing the audience to tears as Tracy cried out in anguish! Michael, Sam, and new addition to the family little Danny, all had the chance to say goodbye. The most precious moment was when Edward weakly reached out and allowed Danny to wrap his little fingers around his own. Appropriately, his last word was “Lila.” Though AJ wanted to see his grandfather to apologize for his misgivings, he was robbed of the closure due to Tracy’s interference.

Today fans took to twitter to express their sadness, as well as love for the Quartermaines. The episode featured Ned and Skye arriving, with Lila Rae in tow. Tears flowed during flashbacks of Edward’s dispensed wisdom to each, but the scene that I loved was the very last one. We saw Edward and Lila standing in the Q living room as Tracy remembered, “First we sing, then we eat.” They slowly made their way towards the stairs. Edward to Lila: “What would you say if I asked you to remake our committment to one another?” “Of course I do,” Lila answered. Then they headed upstairs together. It was priceless and a moment that will certainly be forever remembered.

In recent years, fans have been very vocal about their disdain, missing the most dysfunctional clan on daytime television as the show slowly began to phase them out. One by one the Q’s were unceremoniously picked off: Alan, Emily, Justus, supposedly AJ, now Jason. As the serial’s 50th Anniversary approaches, the new regime at the helm heard fans, seemed to recognize what the audience wanted, and was willing to deliver! Ratings have been through the roof in the all-important 18-34 demographic with GH and The View in the #1 and #2 spots the week of October 12th.

This has been a “November to Remember” for fans who have exploded, excited to see the Quartermaines in the forefront like they always should have been! Now that Michael is being integrated back into the Quartermaine fold in a front-burner storyline, I have a feeling we’re in for some really great Quartermaine fights, ELQ shake-ups, and dirty dealings! Tracy has already schemed and succeeded in getting AJ arrested and Heather Weber appears to have a plan too!

RHeart Radio will pay homage to the legendary clan January 16th at 10pm(ET) in our upcoming Salute to The Qs, as part of our tribute series to honor General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary. Tell us what you love about the Quartermaines and we’ll include your comments during our show.

In honor of John Ingle, as well as Anna Lee who passed away in 2004, here is a Quartermaine Thanksgiving Tribute.

Thanks for the memories- you will never be forgotten.

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