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General Hospital goes back to its roots as it closes in on 50th Anniversary with adventure, rivalry and returns!

Get Your GH On with Vintage Rivalry, Adventure and Returns

Last week was another historic one for General Hospital as we said goodbye to a fan favorite but gained two veterans: Jackie Zeman and Tyler Christopher. As momentum builds towards the show’s 50th anniversary like a rollercoaster climbing to the top of the hill, fans are more invested in the show than ever!

This week, Julie Marie Berman, who has portrayed Lulu Spencer since 2005, made her exit. Initially reported that March 21 was her final air date, fans got a pleasant surprise on March 22 in the form of Maxie’s dream. Lulu confronted her about the baby Maxie is trying to pass off as Dante & Lulu’s. It was a clever way to give fans a little bit of closure with Julie in the role, knowing once Marcy Rylan (Y&R) takes over Maxie’s deception won’t matter.

The week began with Luke, Laura and Olivia at Dante and Lulu’s for a little get together to see the sonogram. The celebration was cut short when a package from Bobbie arrived, which immediately caused alarm when they heard it ticking. Thinking it was a bomb, Luke warned it couldn’t be from his sister. All laughed when they realized it was actually a teddy bear w/a clock! However, for some reason Olivia almost fainted, prompting Dante to take her to the hospital.

Meanwhile Laura rushed to the courthouse after a call from Scotty, who arranged for them to get married immediately thanks to Lucy’s scheming. Although Laura attempted to come up with excuses, ultimately she agreed.

Lulu had a heart to heart with Luke about Laura’s impending nuptials and she tried to convince her father that Laura still has feelings for him! Luke dismissed the notion and had no intentions of trying to stop the impromptu wedding…or so we thought! Scotty and Laura’s happy moment didn’t last for long when Luke arrived, much to Scotty’s dismay and an argument ensued, old rivalry flared!

Dressed and ready to leave for the courthouse, Lulu realized her father was gone, off to stop Laura’s wedding! Suddenly the teddy bear’s alarm sounded, Lulu dropped to the floor passed out! Dante arrived home to find another package at the door- the real one from Bobbie and his wife unconscious. As he attempted to revive her, he was knocked out from behind by an unseen foe! Upon regaining consciousness he found Lulu had disappeared, so the search began!

Friday’s episode was chock full of surprises involving other Port Charles residents. Our favorite nurse Epiphany nailed evil doctor Britt Westbourne to the wall after hiring Spinelli to dig up proof that she framed Sabrina! It was about time for her to get a smack-down Epiphany style! Idle threats wouldn’t change the head nurses’ mind who is planning to expose Britch’s coniving, scheme to Monica with the evidence in hand!

Fans took to twitter as the scenes unfolded and Epiphany trended worldwide!

Janetta@Saginawjanetta I’m late to the party because I just watched it, but @TheRealSonyaEd was amazing today! Go #Epiphany go!!”

Todd Robbins@toddrobbinss @carlivatiron @frankvalentini “I LOVE the fact that no one f*** with Epiphany!! She’s my Gurl!! She will deck a bitch!! 🙂 #GH50 #LOVEMYGH”

Toni Cecilia M@ToMoCo1010 “@TheRealSonyaEd and @kellythiebaud AWWWEEESOMMEEE SCENES!! SUCH TALENTED WOMEN @GeneralHospital #GH #GH50 LOVE U gals Thx 4 ur hard work XO”

The biggest shocker was when we learned that Dr. Olbrecht, Faison’s minion at the Switzerland clinic, is actually Britt’s mother!!! My guess is Faison is her father, and obviously the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Fans had been speculating for months that she had to be connected to Faison somehow, given how quickly she latched on the Patrick Drake.

It’s clear there was a reason for that since her mother and Faison have Robin. Question is, what is the plan now? Last we saw, Olbrecht brought Robin to Jerry Jax after Fasion’s arrest. Is he really in federal custody or has he escaped? How will Britt’s demise at General Hospital affect their plan? Is Epiphany in for a little revenge as Britch promised Sabrina before she stormed off?  Your guess is as good as mine, but it’ll be interesting to see what they do!

One of the most touching scenes this week for me involved Frisco and Maxie.  Since returning to Port Charles, he has made quite an effort to re-enter his daughter’s life, supporting her pregnancy, and playing the hero coming to her rescue with Dr. Westbourne.  

Maxie broke down as she spoke about Georgie, whom Frisco never really got to know.  It was a compelliing moment and really made me wish Jack Wagner was able to stay longer.  Frisco also made it known he has every intention of getting Felicia back, though Maxie warned him not to hurt Mac.  Ignoring her request, Frisco showed up at The Floating Rib and was immediately knocked out by Mac!  Will Felicia give in to Frisco or fight to stay with Mac?  Look for her to be forced into a decision before she’s ready.

Another sad moment for me was saying goodbye to our One Life To Live transplants, Roger Howarth, Kris Alderson and my favorite, Michael Easton. Though Carly and Todd admitted they love each other, ultimately they broke up.  Meanwhile, after receiving a cryptic call from Jessica, Starr and Todd left for Los Angeles.  

McBain tried to become a foster dad to Rafe but it wasn’t in the cards.  Sam and McBain couldn’t deny their feelings and almost made love but stopped short, deciding the timing wasn’t right, they said goodbye. “Different time, different place”, McBain commented.  “Maybe next lifetime,” he added of their obvious connection to each other.  Will they pick up where Caleb left off?  Is Sam really Olivia his lost love?   Looks like we’ll have to wait and see if Prospect Park will release the character to GH.  McBain left town via a request for an undercover assignment for the CIA, which Anna claimed was indefinite.  Really hope this isn’t the case and we see Michael back at GH where he belongs!

Things are still up in the air as to whether or not the popular trio will return to General Hospital.  Unfortunately Prospect Park holds the rights to the characters, though the actors themselves are contracted with GH.  Word is that Roger Howarth and Kris Alderson will most likely be back, however, nothing has been announced regarding Michael Easton, who at this point is not slated to return for the online OLTL revival.  

Though there are still some fans who believe all three do not belong on GH, most would like to see them return, in particular Michael Easton.  Will they bring him back as Caleb Morely hell bent on getting his son back?  I think it would be a really fun summer story and it would be a smart move since True Blood begins in June and it would leave the door open to attract a younger audience who love the vampire genre.  It all remains to be seen, but I really hope Cartini can work their Soap God magic!


This week promises to be epic (*Spoiler alert*)

Let the adventure begin! This week things are really going to revv up in Port Charles; cue up the Spencer-Cassadine war! I think Luke and Laura have resigned to the fact that Helena is the most likely candidate to have taken their daughter. Nikolas has a lead, but unfortunately someone will attempt to thwart their efforts to get to his sister. Could another Cassadine be working with the queen of evil? If so, who? Could Mikkos or Stavros still be alive? Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, Anna and Dante (on location) follow a lead back to the Haunted Star, however, someone is running interference. What they do find at the Haunted Star is something they never expected!

Having exposed her feelings to Patrick, Sabrina has accepted the fact Patrick doesn’t feel the same way about her. However, after watching Robin’s DVD again Patrick is finally ready to admit how he feels about Sabrina and move forward. Will he show up for Sabrina’s graduation after all?

Finally, preparations for the Nurses’ Ball revv up as Port Chuck residents begin rehearsals under Lucy’s watchful eye. A special guest arrives to help w/choreography… guessed it! Kelly Monaco’s Dancing with the Stars partner Val C. lends a helping hand! Look for Kelly and Val to perform during the Nurses’ Ball! But that’s not all; several residents are plotting and planning behind-the-scenes! What are they up to? You’ll have to watch and find out!

In the past, the charity involved with the Nurses’ Ball was fictional, however ABC announced last week they have partnered with amfAR, The Foundation For AIDS Research in hopes of raising money during this event.  To honor General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary, I am holding a fundraiser to coincide wtih the Nurses’ Ball, following ABC’s lead, and a portion of the proceeds raised will be donated to amfAR.  Bid on autographed items from your favorite actors and save a life a the AIDS Research Fundraiser

Are you ready to get your GH on this week?  Lots of returns, including Vanessa Marcil, Ingo Rademacher, Rick Springfield, Rachel Ames and Stuart Damon, plus a few more surprises! It’s going to be week of vintage GH as we inch towards the 50th! The anniversary episode will air on April 2nd.

General Hospital has proven to be a show fans can embrace again. Special thanks to the cast and crew for all their hard work, dedication and talents.  Congratulations and here’s to another 50 years!

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